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Best Google and Yahoo Offices Designs

Best Google and Yahoo Offices Designs

The best companies over the internet are spread all over the world with really impressive building and interior designs that make a magnificent ambient inside and a pleasure to work in.

The place where you spend most of days time has to be very friendly and refreshing so the work will be a pleasure. As much as you do what you want and like it’s perfect. Officially Google it’s the 1st over the internet with an impressive income everyday. Yahoo it’s right behind him, a huge company that has offices all over the world.

So if you are starting a new webdesign company or want to redesign your room that you work in it’s really important to be inspirational, friendly, creative and peaceful for the eyes. Let’s take a look and inspire from the following Google and Yahoo offices that I am sure you will love and would want to work in.


Google Offices





Yahoo Offices


Would you like to work in these offices?

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  1. Google is superior to Yahoo! both in terms of it as a business and its offices :)
    Yahoo! looks pretty standard to me.

  2. Monuments to their folly. The documentary about the fall of Google, done in the style of the Enron stories, will use these photos as evidence of the excesses. But it will be fun while the money holds out! lol

  3. I think you are right because Google has some incredible things, very creative and welcoming and I think it’s a real pleasure to work in such great place.

  4. I badly want to work at Google now :(

  5. You are not the only one :)

  6. Loving the Yahoo cow! Some serious thought has gone into these designs, hopefully they are not to distracting for the engineers!

  7. Really? i need to think about what you said, it is a little bit out of imagination.

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