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Let’s meet ourselves through design!


Interested in stylish text effects? Which one do you favour the most? Care to share it with us? All you have to do is write a comment containing you favorite text effect. It can be anything: a link to a tutorial, a written name or text, even numbers. It doesn’t have to be designed by you, just a link is ... Read More »

30 Newest Photography Tutorials


As a photography amateur I always search for new ways to improve my photos, new ways to use my camera and to learn new things. Internet is full of everything so for sure you will find tutorials that learn you different tips and tricks that will improve you as a photographer. We always learn something new! So, I collected the ... Read More »

Learning Adobe Photoshop without a teacher

Girl drawing back to school

The most widely used and probably the best image editing software is Adobe Photoshop whose CS5 version was released last year. Over the years there‚Äôve been countless versions yet it always remained first. Its biggest drawback is its price, which is pretty high for the current economic climate, yet this is easily outshined by the quality of its effects and ... Read More »

List of Powerful PHP Code Generators


As the most popular back-end scripting language used on the web today,PHP is supported by a slew of helpful tools that streamline work flow and increase productivity. Thanks in large part to its fairly shallow learning curve, it’s possible for even the most inexperienced web masters to create dynamic websites rapidly with PHP. Frameworks like Kohana and CodeIgniter are a ... Read More »

February 2011 Best Photoshop Tutorials


Here we are, already in March when finally the spring came in our lives, with warm weather after a cold and long winter. February due to his lack of few days passed really fast that we didn’t even notice! But in this month a lot of Photoshop tutorials has arrived and I will make you a selection of the best ... Read More »

Fresh new February Photoshop Tutorials


Here we are with a fresh new collection of Photoshop tutorials that appeared on February. This is a great thing because more and more tutorials appear everyday so you can choose which one you would like to make. Tutorials are so diversified so you can choose what would you like to learn and what level do you want to reach. ... Read More »

Best 3dsMax Tutorials of January 2011


3dsMax it’s one of the hardest programs on the web which you can use creating very realistic objects, movies, rooms, all with 3D effects that respects the perspective and the reality. Few days ago I saw on youtube I think a very cool penguing moving around in a room full of ordinary objects like a table, chair, desk etc. The ... Read More »

Working with files {PHP}


This lesson will bring you to the start of using PHP. In this one you will see where we need to place the files so the WAMP server can identify them and also the mode in which we will access them via web browser. Read More »