30+ Typography related designs

I simply love typography. You can really have fun playing with fonts, designing posters and all kind of promotional materials based only on typography and in the end come up with something amazing. When you are in the logo design business, you really need to know all about typography, fonts and everything because a good […]

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35 Animals/Pets logo inspiration

Long time since I’ve made a good logo inspiration post, so today I decided it’s time for one and a special one, with animals and pets. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did when I made it. Animals and pets need have a large room in our hearts. Have a nice day!

Animal/Pet logos:


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40 Amazing T-shirt designs

This is a collection of t-shirt designs that I picked for you guys today. Of course there are many more as beautiful as these, but can’t include them all in a post just because there are so many cool designs. I promise a follow-up post with this subject because it’s a domain that brings me […]

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Color theme inspiration – Green

We always find the most awesome ideas inspirations by colors and that’s why I decided to make a section for this particular area, because colors can be the most inspirational tools out there. The first one is with the green theme because this colors is the most popular nowadays because of the impact of nature […]

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A showcase of Vintage and Retro Logo Designs

The vintage and retro style is everywhere at the moment, people  are using it on their clothes, wallpapers, bags, website designs and even logos. There is an attraction and liking to the trend that makes every generation want to be apart of it.

Vintage logo designs use soft, neautral tones like tans and pinks, whilst retro […]

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30 Websites Of The Greatest Performers Of 2011

Almost a common passion of each designer or every person’s satisfaction, spending a lot of his or her daily time in front of the PC, the music, is sometimes a good source of inspiration. No matter which style or bpm, each one has its own preferences and it could happen that while listening to your […]

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Logo designs Inspiration #15

After few articles talking about blogging like:

The posting schedule – Blogging Tips
Case study: who can be a good blogger?
The signs that you are a good blogger

I thought that will be interesting to add some color, some inspiration and light to our vision. What’s more beautiful than fresh new logo designs that will impress and calm […]

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Best Google and Yahoo Offices Designs

The best companies over the internet are spread all over the world with really impressive building and interior designs that make a magnificent ambient inside and a pleasure to work in.

The place where you spend most of days time has to be very friendly and refreshing so the work will be a pleasure. As much […]

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What is photo manipulation?

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Typography Logo Designs Inspiration and Discuss

There are more types of logo designs: the ones with name + image and just with the name called typography logo designs. The difference is that the company it’s reflected only by the name without any image ( or logo ).

For example you can take the “My Ink Blog”. As you can see there is […]

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