I do believe that almost everybody know what PageRank and Alexa Rank are but I want to make sure that you really understand what it’s the deal with these two ranks, how they work, what they do and not at least how to increase the stats for your website.

Everyday appear new blogs or websites in different domains with different informations or resources. Right in this moment a blog can become alive and a website finished and uploaded on the web. All website owners want to reach big PR (PageRank) and Alexa. Maybe this raise will be lowered in the future but already there are a lot of websites around the web. Not all of them are healthy and provide useful informations, tools or applications for users. Some of them are made so you take viruses, to duplicate other website’s content and to make money with google adsense for no hard work but in usually you can’t really do damage.

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All new websites are registered to Google and then evaluated one at 3 months where their PageRank can raise, lower or even remain the same. The PR for the new websites will be invalid, will show a gray bar because it’s not updated yet.

About PR, How does it work?

I have to start saying that PR doesn’t show the quality of the content or the website. It only shows how popular or important the website is around the web. Saying important I make refer to how many other websites contain links from your website; and also the websites that contain links from your website PR. The best example I can give to you it’s for a blog. You have a blog and link exchange / blogroll with someone else’s blog. If his/her blog has bigger PR than you or even equal, your blog will raise in google PR stats. So what I mean it’s that it doesn’t matter the PR if you want to find out the quality of an website’s content. For advertisers the biggest pagerank matters and also if you have a big PR you can ask for more money to advertisers.

I think in this paragraph I cleared how google rank works and also how can increase it. Having more links on other website’s will bring you on the top.

If you want to see page’s pagerank you have to install a plugin or just to install the google toolbar and select to show you the PageRank. If you use Google Chrome as a browser ( which I recommend because it’s very easy to use, it works fast and looks great) you can add a plugin called Chrome Seo which will show you all stats you need for a page: from alexa, pr, compete ranks to search stats, bookmarks and more. It’s very complex and I really recommend it even if you will be really curious to see what ranks have any website.

It’s very hard to reach the google PR 10. Even Google.com has PR 9 before 1-2 years ago when it got to 10. Facebook also has PageRank 10. To see how hard it’s to reach 10 think about youtube and how many users use it everyday and also how many users posts youtube videos on their websites. Every link on other website counts in google PR. So you would think that it has 10 but Youtube has a 9 pagerank. Just think about it. Another good example can be Twitter which has PR 9 and also has a lot of traffic daily and tones of links on other websites.

About Alexa Rank, How does it work?

Alexa rank it’s a little bit different because it doesn’t show a 1-10 top ranks. It shows the position of every website against websites around the web. If you make a new website will be automatically updated to alexa rank and put on the last position (millions). Then when you grow you will advance and your rank will lower which is a good thing because think about the first is the best. The 1st position it’s took by Google.com but few years ago Yahoo was on the 1st position.

To get a better Alexa Rank it’s important to have visitors that have installed the Alexa plugin or toolbar on their browser because will count as visit. This is why it’s a good thing to write some articles on your blog talking about alexa rank or SEO because will attract this kind of people that use the plugin and are specialized in seo services.

If a website doesn’t have a good PR or a bad alexa rank it doesn’t mean that it’s a crap website or full of viruses or any other thoughts that can come into your mind. Many people doesn’t care about their PR because they know that it doesn’t reflect the website’s quality as I said above. So don’t always critique the website’s depending on their PR’s and give them a chance because they can really impress you with some great informations and useful tips .

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