For designing a logo that serves the needs of the employer, any designer has to know what are the key points to work on for making a memorable logo design? Designing a logo for a reputed brand is no easy task, as they have a specified set of requirements. When a graphic designer is hired for this job, he has to deliver a logo that is both in sync with the company’s motto as well as memorable. A number of reputed companies today are at the top position thanks to the excellent logos that represent them. A memorable logo helps the customers recognise and identify with the company or brand. For this reason, logos are extremely important in the market today. Now let us take a look the points that have to be taken care of by a logo designer if he wants to design a memorable logo.

So what are the Key Points to Work on for making a Memorable Logo Design:

Here are some of the points that any logo designer should pay sufficient attention to, if he wants to design a logo that will be remembered by people.

  • The visual appeal of a logo plays a very essential role in deciding whether people are actually going to remember that logo. There are some small details that should be kept in mind when we are talking out how a logo should actually look.
  1. Make sure that whatever has to be written on the logo is written in a font that is legible. If there are too many curves and complications in the font that you are choosing, people are hardly going to take the trouble to read. Let alone remember. To avoid his, choose a font that can be read clearly.
  2. Using capital letters are definitely allowed. But usually, it is better to mix capital and small letters in order to create a more appealing logo. Plus, when you are mixing, it is guaranteed that the one who is reading will emphasize the upper cases more.
  3. Make sure you do not use a whole platter of different colours. Too many colours look unnecessarily cluttered ad clumsy. It is a much better idea t use different shades of the same 2 or 3 colours, to incorporate more variety. Again, 3D effects or shadow effects can look very attractive if used properly.
  4. Whatever shapes or patterns you use, make sure they work with the writing. Each element of the logo should complement each other.


  • A logo designer just cannot design whatever he feels will look good. Since a logo is chosen to represent a company, it must go with the image of that company. A good designer has too study the history of his employer’s company and find out every detail about it. It is especially important to know which category of customers the company caters to. Depending on these points, a designer can design something that helps enhance the message that the company want to be able to convey to its customer base.


  • The most important attribute that any memorable logo must possess is uniqueness. If it is not unique, no one will bother to remember it. It is true that today we have a number of skilled graphic or logo designers in the market and they are all working for different companies. If they all are thinking of new designs every day, then the clashing or coinciding of two ideas is not such an impossible thing. In fact, it is quite natural that there could be two very similar looking designs. What a good designer must do to avoid this problem is that, he/she should try to create a logo that would be meant just for that particular company; its targets, its goals etc. This would at least reduce the chance of designing something that has already been done before.


  • Simple does not mean boring, and in many case, simple looks more attractive. So keep your logo design simple. Often it happens that the company wants to modify it a bit, some years later. The logo that has been designed should have room for these alternations. A big company doesn’t usually wish to completely redesign its logo. It just wants to update or alter it regularly.


If all these key points to work on for creating a memorable logo are kept in mind, it would be possible to design a logo that can do wonders for a company’s future and business.

What Are the Points That in General Should Be Maintained While Designing Logo:

There are some other points that one should keep in mind about designing a logo, apart from the ones already mentioned above. Some of these are as follows.

  • Like we have said before, changing a logo is not recommendable. Once a company chooses a logo, it becomes a part of that brand. So changing it again and again will just confuse people. Thus, a good logo should not be influenced by current trends and frenzies. In other words, it should be timeless. A logo must be such that it never goes out of fashion. If we observe closely, this is the case for many companies whom we identify with the logo today.
  • Again, a logo is not only for painting on your brands products. Often, it has to be printed on different media like papers, billboards, boxes etc. It always cannot be assured that the logo will be printed in the same size and colour as it was originally drawn or designed. So, while designing it, it is the logo designer’s job to make sure that the logo is scalable to different sizes. It must also be ensured that the design does not become incomprehensible or ineffective if it has to be shown or printed in black and white. So, before finalising a logo, the designer must check all these aspects too.
  • Make sure that the logo says everything itself. When people see a logo, they want to know what the company is selling, what it is about etc. A good logo should be able to provide these ideas to the customer. Otherwise, the logo loses its utility.

So, this is the answer to what are the key points to work on for making a memorable logo design. You can view some amazing examples of logo design here or here.