Search Engine Optimization is vital to the success of any website, but professional services are just one piece of the cake. Image what it would be like if we had to do everything manually. SEO heavily relies on SEO tools to make the process faster. Here are 20 useful SEO tools that can help webmasters get their SEO done right with little or no cost. 1.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is a free tool available from Google intended for use with Adwords. You can use it to find new keywords, see the number of searches and the competition level. One of the most used tools on the net.

2. Website Grader

Is a free tool that is useful for measuring how effective a website is for marketing based on user supplied keywords. This is not an absolute grade, but it can help you find things that need to be worked on.

3. Google Website Optimizer tool

Get information about the images and copy on a website to find better layouts.


Is a great tool for generating a website map that will tell search engines how to crawl the website. This makes sure a site gets the best exposure possible, more pages indexed and achieve faster crawl rates.

5. Digital Point Keyword

Is a great SEO tool that works with Wordtracker and Overture data to help webmasters find appropriate keywords for a site.

6. SiteTrail

This is a free website monitoring tool that offers unique website analysis.

7. Google Webmaster tools

A great selection of tools from Google helps webmasters to optimize their sites for the best treatment by their search engine. The essential tool for any webmaster, it can help you see incoming traffic, search queries used, and most of all it can help you deal with issues on your website like 404 pages and broken links.

8. GTrends

This is a free tool from that helps find trending keywords. The basic service is free; subscription is required to get complete search results.

9. SEOdigger

This is an SEO tool that helps identify keywords for a website that rank high in the search engines.


Is a free keyword intelligence tool that helps find relevant keywords for a website.

11. SEOmoz

This site has a lot of information about SEO that is great for instruction and tips for implementing SEO on a website. Their set of SEO tools is the most used among the paying tools. They offer specific insights into backlink acquisition, website performance and keyword difficulty. There is very little SEOmoz doesn’t offer.

12. SpyFu

Find out what adwords competing websites are using. This site has some free functionality, but the best data here comes at a price.

13. Quantcast

Is another SEO tool that helps with researching the competition. Quantcast will get you demographic information and some other tools about a competitor.

14. Compete

Lets webmasters see how their website stacks up against as many as five others and gives useful optimization opportunities for optimization.


Has a meta tag analyser to show whether a site’s meta information is up to par.

16. The meta tag generator

At will help provide new meta data that will boost search engine standing.

17. MajesticSEO

Is one of the most known backlink tools on the net. Their tools can help you research competitor backlinks and see the link velocity for past link building efforts.

18 Raven Tools

Have a great set of various tools, similar to SEOmoz. From onpage optimization to link building tools that can help you optimize and rank your site better.

19. The Page Strength tool

At SEOmoz gives important information about a web site’s visibility online.

20. Ontolo link building tools

Are one of a kind. This is the ground zero for finding link opportunities and link prospecting. Their tools can help you find some of the most amazing search queries that can get you links.Try these 20 SEO tools and then enjoy the results of having better performing websites that attract more clicks from the search engines. But remember, tools are here to improve your speed and help you out, without your knowledge they are useless.