Nowadays, having a blog is a common thing and this is really amazing because it is almost impossible not to find the proper information searched by any user. From this point of view, it may seem cool, but thinking from the perspective of a blogger, this isn’t a beautiful fact. The amount of Internet users is constant so the people who are potential visitors of your website could easily neglect/abandon it. Definitely, any owner of blogs or blog administrator should be aware of this fact (and 99,9% are); obviously, there are beginners in handling a blog and I hope that they will enjoy this article because here there are some good tips to study the ways of supervising the traffic and with a lot of work, even to improve it.

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SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, consists of the methods employed to improve the position of an online presence with search engine results (mostly Google and Bing). There are two main methods of improving the position:

-black hat, usually the ways which aren’t preferred by the spiders (the tools of Google or other search engines who are visiting the websites)

-white hat, these are methods which are seen as being fair by the spiders.

The algorithm of positioning is very complex and flexible, it could happen that today a method is correct and the website occupies a top position in the search engine results but, in a few months, the algorithm may be changed and the respective method become incorrect. All these things represent job of the SEO specialist but it is better for everyone to know some general aspects.

A very good tool in for website optimization is SEMrush. This comes with a free version but, unfortunately the information obtained in this case, isn’t powerful enough to form a detailed and objective opinion. SEMrush has other four versions, each one depending on the level of the user: 2types of PRO users, a guru one and enterprise which offer an immense amount of data.

My personal advice: start studying SEO with a free account and, as time passes by, go to the next level.

SEMrush is very easy to use: simply put the name of the domain in a box and, with a single click, a great amount of information is coming. The interface is also clean and easy to use:

-a main report;

-Google keywords

-Adwords keywords

-Competitors in Google

-Competitors in Adwords

-Adwords Ads texts

-Potential ads buyers

-Potential ads sellers.

The main idea of SEMrush is that it reveals the position of a website in the searches of users. Putting “” in the text box, anyone can see that it is the number one online when someone searches for “sweet logos”, “sweet logo”, “sweets logos” and “Photoshop eye manipulation”. To form an idea about the possibilities of SEMrush – it analyses almost 35 million keywords!

Another cool feature of this application is the fact that it reveals the potential “enemies” of the website. (the “enemies” are the websites which are ranked better with the same keywords). In our example, some of the most important competitors of the “” are:, smashingmagazine, tutorialized, sixrevisions, tutplus (pretty important players).But SEMrush offers inclusively the keywords which are common; has in common with 16 keywords (adobe illustrator tutorial,retouch photos with photoshop and so on).

It is good to know that the overall database of SEMrush is divided into 8 categories: respectively, uk, ru, de ,fr, es, it, br databases and, in this case, the information is categorized depending on the language.

The features of this impressive tool aren’t resumed only at analyzing a website; it also offers a complete report about a specific keyword. Take this example:

Undoubtedly, this is the perfect tool in the hands of a good specialist but it could also help every beginner a lot because the interface is very simple and all the operations are clearly made. It is very important and decisive in the evolution of a website, because all the trends and positive points can be deduced. In our example, it is highly recommended to post articles about sweet logos and Photoshop eye manipulation because logolitic is number one and the searches in the engines will conduct to this website (users, in 99% of the searches, will land on the first page, mostly on the first three options).

The prices of these services aren’t too expensive but for the people which are beginners this factor could turn into a problem. Fortunately there is a solution: the developers have created pretty good add-ons for the browsers and below there are some of them. The accuracy of the data isn’t the same but they have other features which make them important. It will be great if any reader could let us know other cool add-ons or if he/she is content with these.




This the previous add-on for mobile version

Seo Toolbar

This plugin is very complex it shows PageRank, Alexa ranking,Compete and SEMrush rank and I recommend it.

Seo Quake

Seoquake offer a very good plugin which give to the user very good information so I recommend it as being useful and almost a must for the ones interested in SEO

Chrome Seo

Chrome has good extensions and definitely it is one of those which shouldn’t be missed in the toolbar of any web designer or developer.

Seo Quake for Chrome

This is the version for Chrome of the Seoquake.

Seo Site Tools

This is another extension which offers many details and, the interesting thing about it, is the fact that it includes a lot of information about the distribution in the social networks.