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Creating A Better Designed Web For Us All, With Webydo

There are many tools in the market for building websites, some of which require significant technical skills and others allow users to create their own sites with little real knowledge required. In the middle ground between the amateurs and the coders fall the creative professionals and an increasing number of platforms are now catering exclusively to this market. For the ... Read More »

Creating Your First Website Design

Creating Your First Website Design Whether you run or own a business, sell a product online, write an informational blog, or simply want to start your own personal website, having an Internet presence is beneficial. More people than ever are shopping and searching for products and services online, and you don’t want to miss out on potential customers or clients. ... Read More »

Creating a Mobile Portfolio


Creating a Mobile Portfolio Having an online portfolio of your work is a must for any artist today. Whether you are aiming to attract new clients or simply want to be able to share your work with family and friends, the fastest way to do so is through a portfolio website. This can seem like an intimidating project, but you ... Read More »

Web Design – Seven Hot Trends to follow in the year 2013

web design trends 2013

Throughout 2012 there has been a huge surge in the new web design trends. The design of a website influences merely the reflection of our culture and expectations for user interface. Ideally this kind of trends represents favourable ideas in the website designing community. However the designers will always have their own opinions when it comes to the terms and ... Read More »

Top Five Reasons QR Codes Increase Interactions with Business

Quick response codes are the unique codes that can bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world within seconds. Though QR codes are a cost effective means of advertisements but this innovative strategy can help to generate important leads for the company. Here are some ways whereby QR codes can be strategically used for increasing the interactivity of ... Read More »

Printed marketing collaterals: Designing Tips and ‘know how’s


Printed marketing stationeries are one of the oldest and most extensively used marketing techniques. One of the most economical ways, this method of marketing has the deepest penetration into the intended market in terms of advertising. Marketing stationeries are of various kinds like brochures, pamphlets, folded leaflets, business cards, posters, postcards, flyers and folders. A brochure can be have two ... Read More »

A Look at How Visitors Read Web Content


A successful website is all about getting new people to your site and keeping them there long enough to convince them to come back. Part of what makes this task so difficult is that a truly successful website involves so many different components. Profitable websites require strong content writing, alluring web design, careful planning, dedicated maintenance, inspired marketing, and much ... Read More »

A detailed analysis of the websites of the UE member countries


There are 27 countries that are part of the European Union (EU) and there are a lot of common decisions that have to be taken by official representatives, regarding different domains, including the following: administrative, economical, financial and commercial. The idea is that these countries become more powerful and influential when they come together; nowadays, due the economic crisis this ... Read More »