Sunday , 26 April 2015
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Kwik Kopy’s Ebook On Branding Identity And Logo Design

Hello readers. Today I have for you a special gift, a book about branding identity and logo design. Kwik Kopy has teamed up with Smarter Business ideas to bring you an exciting series of ebooks packed with expert branding advice and interactive case studies. The first edition is full of easy-to-follow advice on how to present your brand in a ... Read More »

23 Free PSD Mock-ups To Make Your Presentations Look Better!


When you finish designing a logo for a client comes the time when you have to show it to him. If the client needs the logo for website, print you have to show him how the logo will look on the product. For example, if the logo will be used on public advertising, you have to show him how it ... Read More »

Icons and Iconspedia


Introduction Small elements make big difference and every designer knows that it is really true. Apparently indistinguishable, small things as fonts or icons are negligible, nobody pay attention to these but their role in the overall success of a work is important. Creative icons on IconsPedia An icon is a small graphical element which may represent an object, action, command; ... Read More »

Huge collection of free Icons Download


There are a lot of free icons around the web but it’s really hard to pick the best ones and the ones that fits perfectly with your design style. So you need a mixed collection to choose from the best icons for your designs: from black mono icons to full effects icons, mini icons etc. The idea is to find ... Read More »

Wallpapers of the week #2: Comic Wallpapers


For this week I chose the comic wallpapers for you to download and put them on your desktop. These will make you smile whenever you look at your desktop and will make you feel better in any mood you are. Also I chose the creative ones that will inspire too. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! ... Read More »

Free fonts of the week #3


A great new week for updating our fonts list with some great free collection of fonts that will help you with any design style, from grunge to professional and rounded shapes. Free fonts are perfect for modifying the letters and personalize them in step with the design style. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! Also take ... Read More »

600+ Best Free Fonts of the Week #2


If you are here it’s definitely because you are interested in updating your list with fresh new good looking fonts. Every designer from the biggest ones to the smallest (depending the popularity) uses free fonts. Some of them takes a free font and modify it to look more unique and integrate better with the design. They do it so well ... Read More »

Wallpapers of the week #1


I will share with you some great wallpapers every week. Having a creative wallpaper on your desktop influence you a lot. In the morning when you get up, wash your teets, face, after you grab something to eat you open your computer let’s say bored or not in the mood to work. Seeing a very creative and nice wallpaper that ... Read More »