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Welcome to Logolitic Design Blog. Our goal is to provide design resources, useful information about webdesign, tutorials etc. We expect professional people to work with that write useful content for our users. To write a good post takes time but then you will have the satisfaction that you provided useful information and also this makes you more popular and helps in your freelance business.

How can you become an author

You need to know exactly what you are talking about and be certain that you can write well. You have to posess solid writing skills and to know english very well.  If you are interested follow the following steps to become an author:

  • Contact us with a brief description of yourself, your skills and your field of interests;
  • Include some URL of your previous articles so we can evaluate your skills before we approve you;
  • Include at leaste 1-2 suggestions of posts that you would like to write about.

We don’t care about the dimension of the articles as long as they provide useful information and really help or inspire the public. Articles must be clean, clever and to be understood by all our visitors. For example, our readers are interested in practical insights and valuable tips learned from experience. You can share your ideas, design approaches and techniques or just describe your design process. We are aiming at exciting, creative articles that also cover recent developments in the industry. Finally, we could also use some help in creating unique, carefully prepared round-ups and showcases.

As we are at the begining in this business our authors are not getting paid but they will grow their freelance business and also get traffic from us. Guest blogging expands your business.

Interested Topics

Our main interests are the design and development of websites. We are interested in the following topics:

  • CSS: theory, practice, ideas, techniques, creative solutions
  • JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, coding, programming
  • Web Design: trends, detailed showcases, review of design techniques
  • Typography: type design, font selection, techniques and tools
  • Foundation of design, graphic design, web design: in-depth design articles that cover history of design, or series of articles on one particular aspect of design, leading the reader from fundamentals to more advanced concepts
  • WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Magento, CMS, Plug-ins
  • Mobile: designing and developing for mobile devices, iPad, iPhone, Android
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign, GIMP
  • Time-Savers: useful tools for designers and web-developers
  • Usability, user experience and usability testing
  • E-Commerce: trends, techniques, conversion rates optimization
  • Copywriting and content strategy
  • Opinion pieces: your personal address to the design community
  • Freebies: icons, fonts, themes, templates we can offer our readers for free

We are very excited about this and we are waiting for your collaboration.

Ready to become an author? Contact us!

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