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How Integration and Optimization of woocommerce and POS help your business

The majority of the world has at least some type of internet access available to them. For some, it may be located at home, while others have to find a public location like a library or coffee shop in order to go online. Regardless of where they are logging in from, merchants want to turn these users into loyal consumers. ... Read More »

5 Steps to Monetize Your Blog


The New York Times reported that blogging is not only paying the bills, but supporting whole families. The mom of covers the expenses for her family of four, and Darren Kitchen, creator of makes around $5k a month selling the merchandise from his video blog. To a blog profitable, besides making it entertaining and enjoyable to look at, ... Read More »

20 Useful SEO Tools to Boost Website Performance

seo tools2

Search Engine Optimization is vital to the success of any website, but professional services are just one piece of the cake. Image what it would be like if we had to do everything manually. SEO heavily relies on SEO tools to make the process faster. Here are 20 useful SEO tools that can help webmasters get their SEO done right ... Read More »

Case study: who can be a good blogger?


Nowadays having/maintaining a blog is a common activity and the number of people who enjoy blogging is in a perpetual increase. The blogosphere is full of brilliant, innovative and educative blogs/posts but at the same time there are a lot of stupidities or wrong ideas wandering around. Apparently, it seems every subject was covered but everyday there are new viral ... Read More »

Twitter Must Have Followed Design Community Bloggers #6


Here are the next twitter must have followed design bloggers! Following them you will receive useful information in design community. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! Also take a minute to share this post with others using Social Bookmarks. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter to appear in the next number of  Twitter Follow Recommendations! ... Read More »

The signs that you are a good blogger


Judging from the outside, being a blogger or maintaining a blog seems a pretty cool job. With nothing very difficult to do and even sometimes enjoying funny moments and interesting tasks, across time a community can form itself. Definitely the interaction with various, unknown people who share the same passions, is beneficial and may be addictive. From my experience I ... Read More »

The posting schedule – Blogging Tips


The blogosphere is getting bigger and bigger and, apparently, becoming over-saturated is only a matter of time. Some bloggers believe that there aren’t any subjects left to be approached but, fortunately, each day, a blog or more find a niche which isn’t fully covered and become successful by attracting a lot of visitors. Another recent feature of blogs is the ... Read More »