Useful informations for Designers

Designers should learn from this how to create more creative designs, more eye-catching, how to impress the customer and make him LOVE the design.
Designs quality

First thing you should know, and now I’m talking about logo,graphic, icon designs is that they should be vector and very high quality to impress the customer! Vector means that the […]

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All about Web Design

Web design means a lot these days. The times where Internet was not available for everyone are long gone and because of this a lot of people wants to make money on the Internet one way or another. Every year the Internet suffers transformation and when I’m saying this I mean as design but as well as […]

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Logolitic – design blog resume

Hello readers and not only. With this post I want to make a resume to Logolitic’s design blog so you can stay in touch with my design news! In the comments section I am waiting for your suggestions regarding new posts (what designs inspiration you would prefer, what other resources,tutorials etc) and not only.
Community LinksFeed

Photo […]

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Great tips to write a good content

Writing this article was a strong fight between my own subjectivity and my wish of being impartially so I could write a quality post. I could call myself a content writer and a blogger, but at the same time I want to become a good logo designer as well. It really does not matter what […]

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About Web Graphics – PNG, GIF, JPEG

In the world , there are about 100 graphic file formats. For those who work with web pages there are supported only three : GIF , J-PEG , and PNG.
I made a summary about each one of this formats.

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50 Texture Photoshop […]

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IconDemon Review

Download 5300+ unique web icons for your website
Generally before creating a website you already have an idea of what style, color scheme and blocks it is appropriate to apply. You need exclusive icons which may help people to recognize your  products at once, something to be associated with your brand. So you should choose web […]

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A stunning collection of info graphics

Infographics are some of the designers’ most interesting products, but at the same time they are exceedingly difficult to master. In fact they are a graphical representation of a complicated problem or situation that requires a lot of attention from readers. So a few pages, of otherwise boring text for a hurried reader, are transformed into […]

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How to handle clients

So as a designer I know that you need to be able to get a client to like what you are doing because that is the key to success. You can do that by these  methods:

1.Presentation of your product (website design, logo design, mascot, banners etc.);

2.Talking to the client and tell him why your product […]

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40+ Inspiring Print Designs

As I said in the previous post How to handle clients it’s very important for clients to know how the design would look like printed on business cards or any other presentations. Making them it’s not easy and requires a lot of imagination and thinking because you have to design with the same style as the […]

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The posting schedule – Blogging Tips

The blogosphere is getting bigger and bigger and, apparently, becoming over-saturated is only a matter of time. Some bloggers believe that there aren’t any subjects left to be approached but, fortunately, each day, a blog or more find a niche which isn’t fully covered and become successful by attracting a lot of visitors.

Another recent feature […]

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