All website’s owners must understand that under the actual circumstances having a nice and clean design isn’t enough. Yep, spending a lot of money for a layout isn’t a guaranty that the website will be a successful affair. Considered as a fade or as another “unfair” source of gaining money from the clients, the optimization for the search engines is becoming more and more important. Nowadays the recipe of success is the next one: by having an optimized website, the chances of being visited are high but only a good design and a well-structured and informative written content may “force” them to visit it again and again.

Definitely, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for any website and the web designers must barely superficially know the principles of it. Much more, the spiders of the search engines like a clean code and a smart design therefore it is another extra reason to pay attention to the SEO measures (from a web designer viewpoint).

In order to help the designers who don’t have enough time to search for the best SEO resources and blogs, I established this list of 20 outstanding online presences that treat this subject. Because of the high quality and the huge number of blogs related to this field it’s very probably to miss one of your favorite resource. Don’t be selfish and share it with us, you have the comment form for this! The order is totally random, so please consider all of them very reliable and full of interesting information.



SEOmoz is a well-known resource amongst SEO practitioners and none interested in this field should miss it. The huge advantage of it is the large variety of subjects, from measuring and testing any SEO method to online marketing. Another positive point is represented by the large audience, from the very beginners to real masters.

2.Search Engine Watch


Here is another blog that should be visited regularly by anyone interested in SEO. It’s impossible not to remark the quality of the posts, but also, in the same time the freshness of the information. In managing a successful SEO campaign is decisive to stay merely updated to the latest news.

3.Search Engine Journal


Google and other search engines are updating their algorithms very often hence finding out what is new is a constant worry for every SEO specialist and this is the main reason why is better to be merely informed from many sources. Search Engine Journal is one that must be checked and bookmarked.

4.SEO book


It is another impressive resource and it should be in the favorite addresses of anyone passionate about. This blog offer a large plateau of training modules and it is golden for any beginner.

5.Search Engine Land


Nowadays, SEO isn’t only some tweaks to do on the website, is about complete strategies that take into account social media, search engine marketing and many other entities. This website presents news from multiple domains but the result is to make the reader more prepared for the “fight” with other specialists.

6.Search Engine Roundable


The search engines are varying even if the variations are indistinguishable to the common user. This blog amazed me because the posts are catalogued according to the search engines, i.e., Bing is a category.

7.Search Engine Guide


This is another blog that must be checked regularly. The words are in vain, is better to visit it.

8.SEO Black Hat


The SEO measures are classified into two big categories:

  1. white hat, the measures that are accepted by search engines and are considered as “correct”;
  2. black hat, the measures that search engine spiders penalize as soon as discovered.

This blog is treating black SEO hat which isn’t a solution but is fair to add here another perspective.



Another blog, another cool source of information. I guarantee that, by visiting it, none will waste his time.

10.SEO by the Sea


This blog is a huge resource; the archive contains posts from June 2005, by reading this anyone may get an idea about how SEO evolved.

11.Web Analitycs World


If there would be someone who doesn’t consider enough the previous resources, then by adding this last one, I am sure that everyone will be satisfied.

12.Search Engine People


It’s pretty common to build a blog inserted into the portfolio; in the case it attracts many readers it’s impossible that some of them not to become clients. Search Engine People is a good example to prove this statement.



Hobo is similar to the former resource but, it must be visited because of the posts that are very useful and provide fresh information.

14.SEO Theory


SEO is mostly about practice and testing but never the theory may damage the arsenal of the owner. This blog is about the theory behind SEO but also has useful practical tips hence is better to visit it.



It is a highly visited blog, lots of specialists are checking it and it could be a good reason to follow them and see yourself what is about on Yoast.

16.SEO Blogging Tips


Blogging is connected to SEO and this blog makes the perfect link between them. Both bloggers and SEO experts must consult the posts from here.

17.Matt Cutts


This blog is a wonderful mixture of fields, adjacent to SEO and while nowadays SEO itself is zero is better to prepare for the future.

18.Marketing Pilgrim


You want to know the latest Google movements, the evolution of Google Plus and Facebook or how to create better ads? It’s simple, visit this blog!

19.Website Magazine


Here is another impressive source of information and ignoring it may cost you lots of good tips and interesting information.



This blog doesn’t impress with the volume of the posts or their super high quality articles, but it gains many readers and maybe constant visitors by publishing infographics, items very appreciated in these days by people.

In the end, I really hope that all these resources will gain your appreciation and most important, will be useful for you. Apparently, many solutions, these are the minimum for any SEO specialist. All interested in must know that this field is very flexible and monthly there are slight modifications. By consulting many blogs is impossible to miss these modifications while being loyal to just one or two is quite possible not to find out all the latest news.