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30+ Typography related designs


I simply love typography. You can really have fun playing with fonts, designing posters and all kind of promotional materials based only on typography and in the end come up with something amazing. When you are in the logo design business, you really need to know all about typography, fonts and everything because a good symbol is bad without a ... Read More »

Printed marketing collaterals: Designing Tips and ‘know how’s


Printed marketing stationeries are one of the oldest and most extensively used marketing techniques. One of the most economical ways, this method of marketing has the deepest penetration into the intended market in terms of advertising. Marketing stationeries are of various kinds like brochures, pamphlets, folded leaflets, business cards, posters, postcards, flyers and folders. A brochure can be have two ... Read More »

Color theme inspiration – Green


We always find the most awesome ideas inspirations by colors and that’s why I decided to make a section for this particular area, because colors can be the most inspirational tools out there. The first one is with the green theme because this colors is the most popular nowadays because of the impact of nature on us. Enjoy! Photography:   ... Read More »

How big is ecommerce Infographic design


Few weeks ago I finished designing an infographic for Invesp. Let me know your oppinions, hope you like it. If you have any designs request don’t hesitate and Contact me via my blog’s contact form. Click on it to see the full size and on action! Read More »

85+ Photo Manipulation Designs Inspiration That You Have Never Seen Before!


Photo manipulations means that you take things from different photos and combine them creating something unique, unusual that is impressive and creative. You let your imagination flies to the edges of the universe because it’s unlimited! You can create whatever comes in your mind: from creepy monsters with dog body and a mouse head to impressive hypnotic designs or anything ... Read More »

Digital Painting designs Inspiration on DeviantArt


Digital painting it’s always impressive and needs a lot of imagination to create an action scene, an environment and to reflect different feelings. Our imagination it’s unlimited and think about painting anything that comes in your head, any scene, any characters. Let’s get inspired by the following digital painting designs and hope will wake up our enthusiasm if it’s kind ... Read More »