What logo means ? Maybe a lot of people looking for the  answer … they search on google, search arround the web to find the perfect answer, to make them understand what actually logo means. A logo it`s a graphic element, that symbolize and speak about the  company. It should speak from itself. From the logo you need to deduct what it`s about the company, what the company does, the company industry etc. The perfect logo for a company needs to be very easy to recognize in time. People when see the logo should  say:  wow that`s the “company”! A logo comes with the logotype ( a unique set and arrange of the typeface ). What actually logotype means ? It`s the way that the words, the name of the company it`s set. Many logos are just logotypes, without a graphic element.

What I mean by the logo should speak from itself ? Let`s give you an example: A logo, with the symbol of a building. When you see that logo, you know that this is the logo of a construction company, with the industry in constructions or something else, no way that is a logo for a …. hmm clothes company or… restaurant. The logo should incorporate very well all the company points, what company does. When you see a company with a very high quality logo, easy to recognize, you know that the company is serious, and not a chip company, with a low quality logo.

The colors are associated with the certain emotions that the designer wants to convey. The red color is used for the companies that wants to attract the attention. in U.S.A the red, white and blue are often used for companies that wants to convey a patriotic feeling. Green color, is associated with the nature, for healthy companies, for organic companies, healthy food etc. The colors used reflect the company feel, the company points.

Let`s see some logos, that I`m totally sure that you know them, and discutate together about the colors used, about the symbol and quality.

The adidas logo: It`s a very simple logo, easy to recognize and very high quality. The symbol is made by 3 lines, that are used in marketing. In all clothes made by adidas you will find the 3 lines of the logo.


The Mtv logo: I need to say, that I`m a HUGE fan of Mtv channel. This logo is absolutely awesome, it`s very friendly and funny! Very easy to recognize, very popular logo.


The McDonald`s logo: As you can see, the colors used are red and yellow, to attract the atenttion, especially the childrens attention. And it works! What children don`t love McDonald`s ? It`s a funny and friendly logo.


The Nike logo: This is very very easy to recognize and very simple. When you see that line, under the typeface, you know that it`s a shirt, of an adidas from nike.


The puma and reebok logos are the same thing like the adidas and nike logos. Very easy to recognize, the logo speaks without the name. Very very popular logos.