Monday , 20 April 2015
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Vector cartoons made in Adobe Illustrator inspiration

Vector cartoons made in Adobe Illustrator inspiration

Hello again readers. I need to excuse the problems that I had with my hosting. Here I come again, with a new post to inspire you! Here you have some vector cartoon characters made in Adobe Illustrator.

I posted some other vectors made in Adobe Illustrator because as you know, I love vector and very high quality work as you do and I really appreciate the designers that stay a lot of time to make the details and make the vector looks good.

So, let`s take a look at them:
retro tv

by ~piko72

Power Puff Girls

by ~vinayg

Weekly Character Design

by *AngelCrusher

cartoon lion

by ~haico

cartoon octopus

cartoon elefant

Squirrel Girl

by ~universe-K

Behania Power Puff Contest

by ~DSanchez


by =3rror404

Tiger cartoon Info

by ~DSabal

Jupiter Entranced

by *fyre-flye

Panda Sad

by ~LadySarena


by ~afiq04

Chiiickens Eddday-4-T-Shirt

by ~ari-es

Atomic Robo

by ~genkimon

Max – Hood

by ~MatsuRD


by ~showe

Olaf + Wurm – EVIL “final”

by ~SarshelYam

Dr Wily

by ~Knoxontholos

The Robot

by ~belk

Potato Head

by ~belk


by ~Damian6347177

Hello Kitty 1974

by `kjherstin

X-team employee of the month

by ~Darda

MrAfro42 – Jimmy Neutron

by ~jpsgrfx

Toon Fishes 1

by ~Veinctor

Vector – Shevin as a Cartoon

by ~EvogeN

Anya Vector FINAL

by ~Evanescence-Titan

Punkin’ Pie

by ~alkalineangyl


by ~jaysquall

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  1. I Love the designs. Cartoons have always amazed me. True Creativity!

  2. I have always loved Cartoon vectors. Thanks for sharing!! Jay Squared

  3. Excellent collection of logos you have here! I really like this blog very much!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rly nice cartoon m8… to work and learn at illustrator there aren´t anything better then drawing a cartoon. Good for inspiration and to learn more techinques around the software. Great list!!

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