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42+ vector car designs in A.I. inspiration

42+ vector car designs in A.I. inspiration

First time when i posted  40 inspiring vector portraits I was really inspired and I was amazed by the quality, the details, the ideas and the creativity in these portraits! But, now I found vector cars made in A.I. like the portraits. I`m really amazed and I`m trying to wake up from this dream, to come again to reality, I was really impressed and these designs let me with a big open mouth.
I have done vector designs, but not so complicated, with so much details, etc. Where do I want to go with this idea? Well, I want to make you see the advantages that you have if you make some vectors. Starting with something simple and then more and more complicated. This wont look GREAT from the first time, but you will get more experience and the next one will be better. Some of advantages are that you learn how to use the colors, how to combine them to result something beautiful and eyescatching, how to light an object, where do the light come, where do the shadows come and more. You also get more experience using Pen Tool in A.I., wich is the best and the most useful tool, that you can draw with the mouse.

I`ll do a vector sometimes, and I`ll post it to my blog to show you and make you see the benefits of vectors.
Are a lot of advantages doing vectors but one of them is the good feeling after you finished a vector that it`s made by you! You have the satisfaction of creating something so beautiful and amazing.

So, no more talk and let`s see some vector car designs made in A.I. :

by ~Veeyo

by ~Beowulf-Kennedy

by ~Yuki-Oyu

by ~under18carbon

by =lizkay

by *cLos71

by =wilde-media

by *yankeedog

by ~xeonos

by ~akunastyle

by ~cityofthesouth

by ~germanalbertogotta

by ~NeoZeroX

by ~vectorstock

by ~fast2ghl

by ~7caco

by ~Davillci

by ~Threewiseman

by ~raven1303

by ~gavwoodhouse

by ~NeoZeroX

by ~Nickalex

by *bioc

by ~Artekoh

by ~marquislove

by ~EVOV1

by *supremo106

by *joke-art

by ~ninejams

by *yankeedog

by *yankeedog

by ~RB6

by ~padzbutt

by ~under18carbon

by ~Dirgehead

Wich one is your favorite ? I`m waiting for your comments!

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  1. Thanks for the feature. :-)

    - bioc

  2. Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks

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