Hello readers! Welcome to a new logolitic.com tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a very high quality logo ( vector ) in Adobe Illustrator. I`m talking about a dirty, spongy, shaggy bacterial. I don`t have to write too much about this tutorial, to describe the steps too complex because the images contain all the information you need, so it`s an easy tutorial to learn you how to design a logo in Adobe Illustrator, which is the best program for logo designs, because you create very high quality, ready to print designs.

Here is the result image, what you will learn to do:

Let`s start!

Step1: First thing you have to do it`s to create a circle using Elipse Tool (L)

Step2 : Next, duplicate the previous circle, make it smaller and move it to right top corner. Select both circles and from your Pathfinder panel ( if you don`t have it, go to Window => Pathfinder) click on Trim. This function will delete the space behind the white circle. Now Ungroup, select the white circle and delete it.

Step3 : Select the shape resulted after Trim function and from your Tools panel select Rotate Tool ( R ) while you have the circle selected. After you selected the Rotate Tool, as you can see, in the middle of the shape you have a bleu point. That point represent the area where the shape it`s going to be moved around. Click and move the point like I did in the next image. After that, holding CLICK + SHIFT + ALT drag the shape and then let the buttons in the same time. After doing this, press CTRL+D buttons repeatly until you will have something like in the next image. This tool it`s used to duplicate and move the shapes at the same distance one from each other.

This is the result from using Rotate Tool (R):

Step4 : Now you have two options of logos, one version with a circle in the middle and one without it. Make the one that you like most! Create a new circle in the middle of the shape. Then, using Pen Tool draw an extension of a “spike” like I did in the next image:

Step5 : Duplicate the spike done with Pen Tool in Step4 and move it down to the original spike of the shape. Then, select the white spike and the circle and Send them to back using the method I used in the next image or using the shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + [.

Step6 : Duplicate the spikes extended and position them like I did in the next image:

Step7 : In this step we will get rid of white spikes that confuse us. Select all the white spikes and the circle and select Trim from your Pathfinder panel.

Step8 : To make this easier for us, select all the shape without the circle from the middle and select Merge from your Pathfinder panel. This function will merge all objects in one.

Step9 : After you merge objects, if these objects are closed ones, the inner space will be filled. So, select the entire space ( excepting the circle ), ungroup, deselect the merged shape and delete the rest of it, like I did in the next image:

Step10 : Select Paintbrush Tool (B) from your tools panel and using the settings I used in the next image, draw random hairbreadths.

Step11 : Select the hairbreadths done in the earlier step and expand them selecting Expand Appearance from Objects Menu.

Step12 : After expanding them fill with the same color of the shape. Duplicate them and make them smaller to look like the hair it`s inside the shape too. Like in the next image:

Step13 : This is how should it looks after drawing the hair:

That`s it! Congratulations, you have done your bacterial logo!


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