Saturday , 28 February 2015
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Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

This time i want to share some of the love with you and by this i mean Valentine’s Day Wallpapers made by some of the best artist around the world and i hope you will enjoy this as much as i do. This day the dominating colors are pink and red but basicaly every light color that looks nice with this beautiful day of spring. Enjoy!

Love Wallpaper by ~myargie22

Love-Heart Wallpaper by ~spideyrsf

Fragments of Love Wallpaper by ยขnyssi

wallpaper by ~mrs-malfoy

Don’t Hurt My Heart wallpaper by ~frozenkiss

Valentine’s Heart – WP by `Lilyas

Valentine’s Day Wallpaper by ~kevind23

Be My Valentine by ~danijeL-one







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  1. Very nice wallpapers.

    You have listed some great wallpapers which I did not find when I was collecting valentine’s wallpapers for my blog :)

  2. Dear Friends, Happy Valentines Day!!

  3. thank you @sitereviver @tomsladoks

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