Designers should learn from this how to create more creative designs, more eye-catching, how to impress the customer and make him LOVE the design.

Designs quality

First thing you should know, and now I’m talking about logo,graphic, icon designs is that they should be vector and very high quality to impress the customer! Vector means that the graphic/logo it`s scaleable, you can resize it keeping the high quality!  The higher is the quality and understanding of the logo the more customer will appreciate it!

The most used programs for designing a logo are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. What’s the difference between them? Well it’s a huge difference. Adobe Photoshop is mostly used for photo manipulations, amazing effects (light,text,3D,realistic effects). If in Photoshop you can design incredible effects why is Illustrator better in logo design? Well it’s simple. In Photoshop to apply different effects you have to Rasterize layers; once you rasterize a layer it’s not vector anymore and that means that if you want to resize the object (make it bigger) the quality is lower and you will start seeing the object blur, pixelated. In Illustrator everything you do is vector. Every logo you design for a company needs to be resizeable and also to be very high quality so the company can print it on different materials.

So Photoshop-Pixel, Illustrator-Vector. Let’s see the difference between a pixel creation and vector one.

This is a pixel square – Photoshop

This is a vector square – Illustrator

The logo

First thing, before starting the logo design is to read very careful what customer needs and what his business is about. All the company services need to be included in one logo design. The design should be clever, to reflect the benefits of the company and more.

The logo should work very well with and without the name, this thing is very important. Why ? Because if the logo is simple and easy to recognize, people when see the logo know what company have it. I`ll give you an example: the clothes companies logo designs. On clothes you will not find always the logo and under it the name: “Nike”, many clothes have just the logo, without the name. But this will not make it harder to recognize the company, no, you know that the shirt is nike because of the logo, it`s simple, easy to recognize and popular.

You should never copy other graphic designs, reproduce them and then sell. NO! More original you are more you will be appreciated and more customers you will get. If you sell a copied design, and you take let’s say 400$, a lot of money for no work, you are happy! But this will affect your next projects a lot. Designers know very well creations from there domain that are arround the web, and will acuse you for stealing and this will affect your reputation and your job.  You made it, you took some money once but in the future you will not get this again, you will not have customers anymore because they want original, unique designs for there company. If you are fair in your job you will have more to win.