For today I will present you some really great ingenious logo designs that are based in reflecting very well the idea of the company through simplicity. I heard some long time ago a very good designer with high skills saying that designing simple and ingenious logos can be harder that doing the complicate 3D ones full of effects, lights and shapes. That time was when I was loving the 3D logo designs but the designer made me think really long about the idea that the simplicity it’s even harder than 3D logos.

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Made me realise that he was right because behind that simplicity it’s a genius idea that reflects the company profile and services. Some of them really impressed me and are stuck in my head and everytime I think about them a wave of excitement comes through my body and motivate me to work hard with my heart and imagination!

I will write a description to present you the idea of each logo with pro and contra’s and I am also waiting for your comments regarding these logo designs and commentaries.

FIDO computers

This is a great logo with a really good feeling. What makes this logo so great it’s the typography really well worked so it’s readable, simple and bold. Also it’s the idea with the bone between “D” and “O”, which heads are replacing the letters holes. It’s important so the typography of the logos or just logos made out of typography to be readable, to stand out and also reflect eh idea. I always said about reflecting the idea of the company but I think in this case it doesn’t. It’s just imagination and a really good mark for a Tech company as the name says “FIDO Computers”.


In this case the name says everything. It’s a great idea making the “Y”  like a spinning tornado. Also the typography it’s very well done, readable and I also like the symmetry of the “T”s which makes you focus on the middle of the logo, on the “Y” character.

waterhouse media

The idea of the designer came from the name “waterhouse”. But what it’s great is that he transformed the water into ice and made a loog feeling really impressive. If you look careful you feel the shaking of the house and also you realize that it’s made of ice without any color added. Great logo, I just love it.

Merchant Logix

Without looking at the name you realize that it’s a “M” and “L”. The “M” can be seen if you look at the bottom of the logo, at the corner and if you look from upside you will  see the “L”. I am sure that most of you already knew that but I want to make it clear for those who are new in this brand to help them understand logo designs. What I would change in this logo are the colors. I don’t really like the light that comes from the right. Also the blue color from the text it doesn’t really fit with the blog of the L. Another idea would be to make the “merchant” green because the “M” it’s green and the “logix” blue because the same thing.

chambres b’ hotes

The idea it’s really well reflected in the logo. Just looking at it you realize that it’s a building on a boat and that building looks like a hotel. It’s obvious that it’s a bed and breakfast on a boat like the designer says in description.


I like this one color logo that the black didn’t ruin up the details and also it’s so really well done that the perspective it’s intact. There are not too many and not too few details in this logo so it can be used in low sizes too. It gives a great feeling of freedom and of silence.


The primary idea of this logo it’s the graphic made so it looks like an orange that spins and become a music note. It’s a great idea very well reflected so it’s obvious to see which is awesome.


This logo looks great on this bleu background but I am afraid that it won’t look so good in white background too. The colors used are eye-catchy, very well chosen that rest the eyes and makes you look at it without getting tired.

Logo Design - fishcolor


I saw this logo long time ago and I felt in love with it from the first time. The background colors and effects are absolutely amazing and the color of the chili it’s impressive too. Also the shadow gives a relaxing and good feeling of the logo. I don’t know if it’s going to look the same on white background or in black color but I do think that it looks amazing on this background.

Logo Design - ChilUp


What’s great about this logo it’s the perspective ignored on purpose by the designer so it makes you focus on the “S”. It’s a 3D effect and you are probably worring why it’s here. I will tell you why because it’s simple done, with relaxing and great compilation of colors and also gives you the feeling of professionalism. It’s not full of effects, shiny lights or gradients, that’s what makes it special.

Logo Design - Staminarc

Piano Forest

It’s obvious the piano claps but what’s great about this logo is how it’s done. The piano has 2 round of claps: white and black. The black onies are integrated in the white looking like trees. As you can see the trunk it represents the hole between white claps and then it makes bigger and reprezents the black ones. It’s one of my favorites logos.

Logo Design - Piano Forest

Horror Films

Maybe the idea of this logo won’t come on the first looking but it’s really funny and well done. It’s one of the simpliest logos but that hide a brilliant idea of a scared face looking like a movie disc.

Logo Design - Horror Films