I am a webdesigner specialized in all design services and also a huge fan of photography. I can call myself an amateur photographer that it gets impressed by photos that have some feelings to reflect, that can change your mood in seconds. I don’t know, that’s what I feel when I look at a pretty damn impressive photo that the harmony of colors, ambient and the way it feels makes me feel better in tough situations.

It’s really hard to be a good photographer and you have to learn a lot and also to feel it. It’s very important so your photos reflect your sensibility, agility,  madness, or any other aspects of you. I really enjoy a good made portrait that reflects the aspects of the person inside the photo. These are reflected through the eyes, mouth or even the feeling that that person gives to you.

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What it’s even harder than making a photo to a real person it’s to make a “photo” portrait to a person virtual and also add all the characteristics of the person so that portrait to reflect perfectly how the person is from the shape of the face, the way it’s smiling, how the eyes look and more. You also have to be tallented to draw because you have first to make the portrait on the paper and then add the colors that has to be selected very careful and in harmony because the person’s complexions has different colors, different contrasts.

Water Self Portrait Study

Portrait of a Girl

Anna’s portrait


Michael Jackson, Text Portrait


TU portrait

Elf portrait

The Funeral Portrait



Portrait painting

Portrait Art

Portrait of a Sky Pirate

Melly Portrait

Portrait Practise

Surreal Self Portrait

Bear Self-Portrait


portrait – Shino


Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Girl

Yukito portrait

Ophelia portrait digipaint BW

Portrait of Mai

portrait of a girl II