From time to time I will redesign popular websites writing all the changes I have done, why and how I did it. Today I redesigned Alexa.Com website because it looks kind of messy and without any framing of the tabs on the front page.

Don’t forget to comment and ask if you have any questions and also if you want to see any website redesigned write in the comments section and may be the following website redesigned!

Why do I redesign some popular websites? Well, for fun and because I love webdesign. I always recommend you to redesign some active websites because in this way you will get more experience, you will be criticized and you will find your “-” and “+” in your webdesigns so in this way you will learn new things and change some habits in your design. Critics are always welcomed because you will learn new things. You always have to be opened on critics, to think about them and learn from them.

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Hope that nobody minds (especially right now) if I redesign their websites and explain the process. It’s just the look I see, more modern and eye-catching of the same content, nothing changed!

Let’s see the result  (click on any image to make it bigger):

Homepage Overall

Header Design

The main fact of the redesign is to point out the search alexa because this is the most important thing you can do after entering First thing you have to do is to check your website or any other website’s ranks because this is what Alexa does. You have to emphasize each site’s domain and what users are looking for visiting that website.

Here I used a nice palette of blue gradient, radial so the eye focuses on the search bar . The magnifying glass looks professional and has the same style as the gradient used and also with the website overall. The light brown color of the handle fits perfectly with the blue color.

Fonts: I like to write small, but not too small, just perfect so the eyes don’t get disturbed by the big fonts. The difference can be made by 1 px and can really change the look of your website overall. So the font sizes has to be the same and about 12/13/14 px (I used for “Search Alexa” title the font size about 16px and the other text about 13px). Behind the search I made a background that shows you from where the search begins and where it ends. It looks different if you frame each objects because this way they are not going to look like they are in the air.

In the right side I put the “Follow us on Twitter” box using the same style.

Hot topics tab

What I have done with the first tab was to integrate the details and the “Alexa site audit” advertise in the same background. The icon I used it’s the same idea as they had with the magnifying glass with a flame over it but made from more eye-catching icons.

The title it’s not too big with the description under it. Under the description I added a gray line to separate the links from the description because between them was a too big white space and the links wouldn’t have looked too nice.

Top Sites Tab

Here I used the same techniques as for the Hot Topics tab with the difference that I changed the icon to a shiny world icon, with a very nice blue gradient that looks professional. Did the same thing with the links.


Hot Products Tab


What I done here was to take the flame and put it on a horizontal way. Modified the links to show one column with long titles took from alexa.


Latest two tabs

Redesigning a website with a different style but using the same arrangement on page, the same tabs and text. That’s what I have done with In the left side I put the Alexa Blog as it is on actual website adding two arrows before each title of the blog posts.

And finally… the footer!

What I changed here was to put the “An amazon company” to point out more the amazon logo. It also looks like a label of the entire website.

That’s what I have done redesigning Website! Hope you like the idea and don’t forget to comment and give me more websites to redesign if you are curious how are they going to look in a brand new style!