I have just done a logo, for fun called Pens world! It`s a 3D logo, with a world and some really huge pens arround it. I think it could be very easy used for blogs in general, for school websites/organizations/corporates, for school stuffs for sale, etc

I`m waiting for your oppinions about this logo. It is not sold so it`s available for sale. If you are interested just contact me via Hire me Page

The logo process:

The idea of this logo came from the pleasure of 3D graphics. I was thinking about a world and something surrounding it. And came the idea of a huge pencil that point exactly in some destinations arround the globe.

First, I made some sketches on a paper, then I uploaded the sketches to my computer via scanner. After that I have done a lot of changes, resulting different logo mock-ups and I chose the best 3.

The logo it`s made in Adobe Illustrator and is scaleable and very high quality.

pens world