40 sweet logo designs inspiration

I brought together some sweet logo designs to inspire you. These logos are simple, creative that needs a lot of thinking to make them right and to make them reflect by simplicity the company business. What I`m talking about it`s that you need a lot of inspiration, time and attention to create a simple, creative […]

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30+ High Quality Easter Wallpapers

Easter is a family related holiday and it must be spent like tradition with family and friends. I would like to share this wallpapers with you because from Monday on is the last week before Easter. Hope you will enjoy them and use them for your desktops. Happy Easter!

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Twitter weekly follow recommendations #3

Welcome to a new weekly twitter follow recommendations. This list it`s made by people who follow me and post interesting news about design. If you have a twitter account and you post everything about design, don`t hesitate and follow me on twitter and you will be on the next follow recommendation list.
Also if you follow […]

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50+ Typography art inspiration

Here are some incredible typography art to inspire you. These are in different styles that I`m sure you will love and will make you try to create something like that.
Hope you like my selections. Waiting for your comments.

Social Media

Waste not Want not

Read all about it

Nicolas A. Girard


I Love you

World Map

I like be myself

Khairi typography

Typography – […]

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50 New Free vector Bold Icons Pack

Hello readers!
Do you like free stuffs? Oh, I personally love them that`s why I designed a new original and unique pack of free vector bold icons for you to download! As I said in a previews post called Best free icons on deviantART we love to share our work, that`s why I designed this pack […]

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Best 12 WordPress themes design&code tutorials

You want to start a new blog or you just want to redesign, to upgrade, to bring your blog to a new level, more professional and unique. Today if you search on Google you will find tonnes of free wordpress themes but these themes don`t make you happy just because they are free, very low […]

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Twitter weekly follow recommendations #4

Don`t forget to follow me on twitter to be included in my twitter follow recommendations!
This week, follow recommendations on twitter are:



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Inspire from amazing designs

All we see around us, as designers, we critique and we are very careful to every little detail of everything. For example when we go to a cinema and we see a lot of posters with different movies, we critique and also watch at them very carefully. Also, everything around inspire us!
But when you look […]

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Vector cartoons made in Adobe Illustrator inspiration

Hello again readers. I need to excuse the problems that I had with my hosting. Here I come again, with a new post to inspire you! Here you have some vector cartoon characters made in Adobe Illustrator.

I posted some other vectors made in Adobe Illustrator because as you know, I love vector and very high […]

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Layout design tutorials in Photoshop

Here you have some websites where you will find some very interesting layout tutorials in Photoshop. Learn useful tricks, professional effects and much more from good layout design tutorials.
The question is, where do you find interesting layout design tutorials ?

Well, here you have some websites that have it.


Some tutorial examples:
Creative Studio Web Page

Online Photo […]

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