Thursday , 17 April 2014

Best 2010 Google Logos Design Inspiration


What’s great about google logo is that whenever something important happens on this globe that affect wide population from different countries it’s reflected in google logo. The logo it’s not just a little modified, everytime it’s drawn through different objects, cartoon characters, games, moments, events etc. In all designs you will find the Google typography. This is a really wide ... Read More »

Wallpapers of the week #2: Comic Wallpapers


For this week I chose the comic wallpapers for you to download and put them on your desktop. These will make you smile whenever you look at your desktop and will make you feel better in any mood you are. Also I chose the creative ones that will inspire too. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! ... Read More »

Popular Websites Redesigns Examples #1:

alexa thumb4

From time to time I will redesign popular websites writing all the changes I have done, why and how I did it. Today I redesigned Alexa.Com website because it looks kind of messy and without any framing of the tabs on the front page. Don’t forget to comment and ask if you have any questions and also if you want ... Read More »

HTML5 Website Designs Examples


Everybody knows about the fresh new upgrade of HTML which at the first view looks really great. What I love about this new programming language is that gives you the impression of movement, realistic perspectives and 3D moving camera inside the website. You can navigate through dinamic websites, moving objects, everything being active which it’s great but too much movement ... Read More »

Free fonts of the week #3


A great new week for updating our fonts list with some great free collection of fonts that will help you with any design style, from grunge to professional and rounded shapes. Free fonts are perfect for modifying the letters and personalize them in step with the design style. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! Also take ... Read More »

Twitter Must Have Followed Design Community Bloggers #5


I will present you some of the must have followed users from  twitter that will provide useful informations for you and also news from their great blogs. They are in design community that will provide design resources, tutorials, articles etc. It’s always good to follow these bloggers because you will learn a lot from them and also you will develop ... Read More »

How could be SEMrush an invaluable tool in the hands of a blogger


Nowadays, having a blog is a common thing and this is really amazing because it is almost impossible not to find the proper information searched by any user. From this point of view, it may seem cool, but thinking from the perspective of a blogger, this isn’t a beautiful fact. The amount of Internet users is constant so the people ... Read More »

Simplicity of Logo Designs Discuss


For today I will present you some really great ingenious logo designs that are based in reflecting very well the idea of the company through simplicity. I heard some long time ago a very good designer with high skills saying that designing simple and ingenious logos can be harder that doing the complicate 3D ones full of effects, lights and ... Read More »