How to design a successful logo PART II

The first part of “How to design a successful logo” was the information part that every designer should ask for because these informations are very important and also as much informations as you get you will become more inspired and the logo will represent very well the company.

The next step is the sketch of the […]

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Twitter weekly follow recommandations @logolitic

Hello Twitter users! Follow @logolitic on twitter to stay update to the latest news from blog and other design news/resources/inspirations etc.
Weekly I`m going to post 10 people recommended for you to follow. People that have to do with design, that post design news/resources/inspiration etc. So follow me on Twitter and if you post interesting things […]

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Vector RSS icons pack free download

Here you have a RSS icons pack designed by me. You can download it for free. In pack you have some 3D icons and some 2D simple icons.

The archive password is:

Download the pack here:
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Learn professional web designing with testking and become expert using testking 640-863 design tutorials […]

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Logo designs inspiration

I wrote articles about logo design, what logo means, how to design a successful logo etc and I tought that will be interesting and useful for you (and for me that`s for sure, because I am a designer too) to show you some logo designs from where you can inspire and and where you can […]

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Freelance jobs websites list

I write this article to help freelancers find best and the most useful job websites where they can show there portfolio/showcase to be hired, to find a job. There are a lot of freelancer websites, that`s why it`s better to post your C.V in more freelance jobs from different websites, because your chances will grow.
Let`s […]

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What actually RSS is ? for readers

Hello blogs readers! Maybe you heard a lot of talking about RSS, twitter, digg or other feeds around the web. The most popular also is RSS. In this post I`ll explain to you all you need to know to understand and also use RSS subscribes.

If you enjoy my posts and my blog, don`t
hesitate and SUSCBRIBE […]

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Twitter weekly follow recommendations #2

Hello readers! How are you today ? As I said last week, I`m coming with updates every week with Twitter follow recommendations. This list is made by people who FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER and post interesting news, tutorials, inspirations etc, anything that has to do with #design.

If you follow me and you have to do […]

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Professional text effects tutorials Photoshop

I personally love the text effects that are simple, professional that makes you say WOW just by the simplicity, professionalism etc. I don`t say that I don`t like the complicated ones, the 3D, I love them too, but in this post I wanted to share you tutorials with professional text effects in Photoshop.
So, let`s start […]

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Best free icons on deviantART

How many of you like free stuff ? I bet there is not one that doesn’t want/like to get something for free especially when that something is high quality and made by the best designers. These awesome designers are offering their work for free because they love to share the great work they have done […]

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Vector bacterial logo tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

Hello readers! Welcome to a new tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a very high quality logo ( vector ) in Adobe Illustrator. I`m talking about a dirty, spongy, shaggy bacterial. I don`t have to write too much about this tutorial, to describe the steps too complex because the images […]

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