Monday , 2 March 2015

February 2011 Best Photoshop Tutorials


Here we are, already in March when finally the spring came in our lives, with warm weather after a cold and long winter. February due to his lack of few days passed really fast that we didn’t even notice! But in this month a lot of Photoshop tutorials has arrived and I will make you a selection of the best ... Read More »

What is photo manipulation?


The great majority of photographers are amateurs and in most cases they take pictures that need small corrections, adjustments or even modifications. Any of these mistakes are the result of some factors as: experience (the most important aspect), technical characteristics of the camera, the weather, and the psychic state of the photographer. Many people believe that photo manipulation was born ... Read More »

Typography Logo Designs Inspiration and Discuss


There are more types of logo designs: the ones with name + image and just with the name called typography logo designs. The difference is that the company it’s reflected only by the name without any image ( or logo ). For example you can take the “My Ink Blog”. As you can see there is no other image than ... Read More »

Getting started with GIMP


Adobe Photoshop is the most important tool in the hand of a designer and we easily can find masterpieces on the Internet which are simply amazingly made with this program. I am not a promoter of Adobe products but the entire suite is an almost irreplaceable resource and without it the actual design would be poorer. To express the dependence ... Read More »

40 Macro Photography Inspiration and Debate


As a fan of photography and excited photographer I love in my free time when I don’t design to take my car and go to a peaceful place, where nobody hear me, nobody need me, a place where I can stay and listen the nature and take a good healthy breath. A place, far away from city where I take ... Read More »

Twitter Must Have Followed Designers Community #6


Every week I will post designers that communicate useful informations for design community through twitter. You should follow them to receive informations about webdesign, to stay updated to what happens everyday in design world. Don’t forget, it’s really important for you to follow me on twitter and also RT so I can see you on Twitter updates.Only people that will ... Read More »

85+ Photo Manipulation Designs Inspiration That You Have Never Seen Before!


Photo manipulations means that you take things from different photos and combine them creating something unique, unusual that is impressive and creative. You let your imagination flies to the edges of the universe because it’s unlimited! You can create whatever comes in your mind: from creepy monsters with dog body and a mouse head to impressive hypnotic designs or anything ... Read More »

Fresh new February Photoshop Tutorials


Here we are with a fresh new collection of Photoshop tutorials that appeared on February. This is a great thing because more and more tutorials appear everyday so you can choose which one you would like to make. Tutorials are so diversified so you can choose what would you like to learn and what level do you want to reach. ... Read More »