Sketches – First step in a perfect logo design

In this post we will take a look at some sketches of logo designers around the web to see how a logo design process is started. The inspiration will always start on paper because with the pencil you can be more flexible with the design and after you have a rough sketch then you can […]

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Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

This time i want to share some of the love with you and by this i mean Valentine’s Day Wallpapers made by some of the best artist around the world and i hope you will enjoy this as much as i do. This day the dominating colors are pink and red but basicaly every light […]

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Black and white portfolio websites

As I said in some earlier posts, I like the black and white designs. Here are some very nice black and white portfolio websites designs to inspire you as a designer/customer that needs a new website for his company. What`s so nice in black and white designs ? Well the simplicity! These kind of designs […]

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Best 16 Adobe Illustrator-Drawing Tutorials

I collected some very nice drawing tutorials in adobe illustrator to improve your skills and to learn some new tricks. Making vector tutorials / designing vectors in illustrator you will learn how to apply different effects like light and shadow ones.
Less talking and more tutorials right ?
How To Draw A Funny Cop Illustration From A […]

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High quality free wordpress themes

I know how people like free stuff and i know that they like free stuff when it`s very good so that`s why i have chosen to gather for you guys the best free themes around. If you know any other themes that are worth to be here please leave a comment and i`ll put them […]

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40 High quality iPhone wallpapers

Now i want to share with you guys some iPhone wallpapers not just for iPhone users but for design inspiration also because these are great examples of good designing. So enjoy the wallpapers!




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Flowers vase in AI tutorial

I made a new tutorial called Flowers vase. In this tutorial we will learn how to design an abstract and slighty vase with abstract flowers and leafs. I love doing abstract things, disorted and “unsymmetrically”.

This is the result image:

Let`s do it!

Step 1:

First thing you have to do is to select the PenTool and make an […]

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Vector printer tutorial Illustrator

Hello! Welcome to a new Logolitic tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a realistic vector printer in Adobe Illustrator.

As you can see I didn`t need to explain too complex because the images contain all you need to know! Images speaks from themselfs.

The result Image:

Let`s start!
Step 1:

First thing you have to do […]

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Eye manipulation tutorials in Photoshop

If you are a fan of photography and you want to laern how to manipulate/modifiy/add different effects to photos best program to use is Adobe Photoshop. Here are some Adobe Photoshop Photo Manipulation tutorials collection that I`m sure you will love.

The next tutorials are eyes manipulation tutorials in Adobe Photoshop.
Eye Manipulation

Eery Eye Photo Manipulation

Hulk Eyes […]

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How to design a successful logo

What details we need from the client about his company
When you have a logo project you have to get as more as possible details about the client company. You have to ask him to give you all details about his company, like:

What`s the name of the company
When did he start the business
What is business about
The […]

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