Friday , 18 April 2014

can your ex boyfriend have a girlfriend but still love you


back to school supplies price comparison shopping best restaurants in new york to win an ex boyfriend back whats a good way to get your girlfriend back quick could my ex girlfriend be lying about new boyfriend my ex said he felt secure with me but feels insecure with his girlfriend Website templates are designs of websites developed by professional ... Read More »

5 Steps to Monetize Your Blog


The New York Times reported that blogging is not only paying the bills, but supporting whole families. The mom of covers the expenses for her family of four, and Darren Kitchen, creator of makes around $5k a month selling the merchandise from his video blog. To a blog profitable, besides making it entertaining and enjoyable to look at, ... Read More »

30 Newest Photography Tutorials


As a photography amateur I always search for new ways to improve my photos, new ways to use my camera and to learn new things. Internet is full of everything so for sure you will find tutorials that learn you different tips and tricks that will improve you as a photographer. We always learn something new! So, I collected the ... Read More »

Learning Adobe Photoshop without a teacher

Girl drawing back to school

The most widely used and probably the best image editing software is Adobe Photoshop whose CS5 version was released last year. Over the years there’ve been countless versions yet it always remained first. Its biggest drawback is its price, which is pretty high for the current economic climate, yet this is easily outshined by the quality of its effects and ... Read More »

20 Useful SEO Tools to Boost Website Performance

seo tools2

Search Engine Optimization is vital to the success of any website, but professional services are just one piece of the cake. Image what it would be like if we had to do everything manually. SEO heavily relies on SEO tools to make the process faster. Here are 20 useful SEO tools that can help webmasters get their SEO done right ... Read More »

30 Websites Of The Greatest Performers Of 2011


Almost a common passion of each designer or every person’s satisfaction, spending a lot of his or her daily time in front of the PC, the music, is sometimes a good source of inspiration. No matter which style or bpm, each one has its own preferences and it could happen that while listening to your favorite singer your productivity increases. ... Read More »

List of Powerful PHP Code Generators


As the most popular back-end scripting language used on the web today,PHP is supported by a slew of helpful tools that streamline work flow and increase productivity. Thanks in large part to its fairly shallow learning curve, it’s possible for even the most inexperienced web masters to create dynamic websites rapidly with PHP. Frameworks like Kohana and CodeIgniter are a ... Read More »

Logo designs Inspiration #15


After few articles talking about blogging like: The posting schedule – Blogging Tips Case study: who can be a good blogger? The signs that you are a good blogger I thought that will be interesting to add some color, some inspiration and light to our vision. What’s more beautiful than fresh new logo designs that will impress and calm our ... Read More »