Saturday , 19 April 2014

A Showcase of Typography in Logo Design


When designing a logo, you often need to get across the personality of the company. Sometimes this could be quirky and fun, sometimes it’s professional and serious, it might even be professional but slightly playful. One of the most important decisions to make when designing a logo where you need to put across this personality, is what the typography will ... Read More »

7 Fresh New Twitter Tools


With the introduction of new kids Google+ and Subjot to the Social Mediascape, critics were sure Twitter would take a huge hit and, at worst, be overshadowed completely. The reality is that Twitter is loved, prolific in its support and integration and not going anywhere anytime soon. Fresh, new tools continue to find new and creative ways to help us ... Read More »

A detailed analysis of the websites of the UE member countries


There are 27 countries that are part of the European Union (EU) and there are a lot of common decisions that have to be taken by official representatives, regarding different domains, including the following: administrative, economical, financial and commercial. The idea is that these countries become more powerful and influential when they come together; nowadays, due the economic crisis this ... Read More »

A Showcase of Minimalism in Logo Design


Logo’s say a lot about a company – it’s personality, whether it’s professional, fun, exciting or interesting. But sometimes, when designing a logo, it’s a challenge to get that identity across simply, clearly and with a design that looks great in print, on the web, in color and in black and white. Minimalist logos aim to show all of this ... Read More »

Mega Bundle from available now for only $29 instead of $545

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We, at,  have prepared an amazing Mega Bundle which contains all the elements a designer needs in his work. This pack is available, from the 3nd till the 13th of October, for only $29 instead of $545. This means that you will save more than $500 and benefit of all these premium resources of high-quality. The Mega Bundle  is to expire ... Read More »

Design your eye catchy website using flash templates


If you are involved in online business, then you certainly know the importance of attractive websites. Marketing collateral should, firstly, grab the attention of onlooker and secondly, have a positive impact on the decision making capabilities of potential clients. Even if you offer highly useful products and services that have a great demand in the market, dull websites or poor ... Read More »

Interview with Luca Molnar Digital Artist


Today’s interview will be with Luca Molnar, a digital artist that answered to our questions and revealed his creation process, software and where does she find the inspiration to create such great digital arts. Enough with talking, let’s hear what she got to say! 1. We know that your name is Luca Molnar, but what where are you from and ... Read More »

Beautifully illustrated form designs

Beautifully illustrated form designs

Most of the websites require forms to get information from website visitors. If you own a website and have a need to display a form, then you can either display forms that adhere to standards and conventions or you can display fancy forms. Beautifully illustrated forms reflect your creativity. Moreover, a website with fancy forms that sound natural tend to ... Read More »