Sunday , 26 April 2015

Daily logo design inspiration #1


Hello readers. From now on, every day I`ll post “Daily logo design inspiration”, to inspire from incredible logo designs made by professional designers and not only. I want to “promote” those designers that are not too known, that are not so popular but they are designing some incredible logos. I don`t share logos made by one category of people. If ... Read More »

How to create an animated banner in Photoshop tutorial


I made this tutorial to learn you how to create an animated banner in Photoshop. You will learn how to make very professional borders to a bar, techniques used in webdesign, very useful and simple, how to integrate objects to create a banner and the sweet cherry off the cake how to animate the banner to stand out more and ... Read More »

21 Animated Banner tutorials in Photoshop


You have probably learned how to design a banner in photoshop. If you didn`t design a banner and you know Photoshop you can try to design one using your knowledge in this program, because it`s not too hard to design a simple banner. But, don`t you want to learn more than that ? To make it more interesting and more ... Read More »

Layout design tutorials in Photoshop


Here you have some websites where you will find some very interesting layout tutorials in Photoshop. Learn useful tricks, professional effects and much more from good layout design tutorials. The question is, where do you find interesting layout design tutorials ? Well, here you have some websites that have it. ADOBE TUTORIALZ Some tutorial examples: Creative Studio Web Page Online ... Read More »

Vector cartoons made in Adobe Illustrator inspiration


Hello again readers. I need to excuse the problems that I had with my hosting. Here I come again, with a new post to inspire you! Here you have some vector cartoon characters made in Adobe Illustrator. I posted some other vectors made in Adobe Illustrator because as you know, I love vector and very high quality work as you ... Read More »

Inspire from amazing designs


All we see around us, as designers, we critique and we are very careful to every little detail of everything. For example when we go to a cinema and we see a lot of posters with different movies, we critique and also watch at them very carefully. Also, everything around inspire us! But when you look at these creative works ... Read More »

Twitter weekly follow recommendations #4

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Don`t forget to follow me on twitter to be included in my twitter follow recommendations! This week, follow recommendations on twitter are: DesignerDepot creattica designinformer BloggingDev line25blog coolvibeblog Read More »

Best 12 WordPress themes design&code tutorials


You want to start a new blog or you just want to redesign, to upgrade, to bring your blog to a new level, more professional and unique. Today if you search on Google you will find tonnes of free wordpress themes but these themes don`t make you happy just because they are free, very low quality and are used by ... Read More »