Thursday , 24 April 2014

Web Design – Seven Hot Trends to follow in the year 2013

web design trends 2013

Throughout 2012 there has been a huge surge in the new web design trends. The design of a website influences merely the reflection of our culture and expectations for user interface. Ideally this kind of trends represents favourable ideas in the website designing community. However the designers will always have their own opinions when it comes to the terms and ... Read More »

Examples of Beautifully Designed App Icons


Here’s a quick exercise for you – if you have a smartphone, check out what’s on your home screen. Now check out what apps you’ve got on the second page. If you’re anything like me, it’s more likely that the apps you’ve got on the home screen are the ones that look nicer. Whether it’s the new Google Maps icon, ... Read More »

Logo designs collection from us for your delight!


We are now back with a new look for our blog, which we hope you will enjoy. Coming with a new look we have to make a great return back post. We all get designs around the web and share it for your inspiration, but what would it be like to show you some logo designs made by us for ... Read More »

Designing Your Own Logo: What Amateur logo Designers Often Forget

Logo is the identity of a company. It reflects the aims and objectives that an organization desires to achieve. The power of the web world has been witnessed and it has also been realized that if a company does not have uniqueness, it loses the race in the virtual world. Hence, the easiest mechanism to distinguish a company from others is ... Read More »

Top Five Reasons QR Codes Increase Interactions with Business

Quick response codes are the unique codes that can bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world within seconds. Though QR codes are a cost effective means of advertisements but this innovative strategy can help to generate important leads for the company. Here are some ways whereby QR codes can be strategically used for increasing the interactivity of ... Read More »

15 Great Redesigned Logo of 2012


Redesigning a logo is certainly much more difficult than creating a new one mainly because of the fact that the designers have to deal with dual challenge in such situations. Firstly, they have to create something which is more appealing than the older one and secondly, they also have to deal with the longstanding reputation of the previous brand identity. ... Read More »

25 Amazing wordpress themes


WordPress is and will stay without a doubt the most used CMS platform in the world and WordPress themes are evolving day after day thanks to its dedicated community. To show you what level WordPress achieved, I showcased below 25 themes which I consider the best of March. They are pixel perfect have an out of the box design and ... Read More »

What are the Key Points to Work on for Making a Memorable Logo Design


For designing a logo that serves the needs of the employer, any designer has to know what are the key points to work on for making a memorable logo design? Designing a logo for a reputed brand is no easy task, as they have a specified set of requirements. When a graphic designer is hired for this job, he has ... Read More »