Tuesday , 3 March 2015

54+ Button Effect Tutorials in Adobe Photoshop


Creating buttons in Photoshop it`s easy but you have to create them to fit with the website. For this it`s recommended to know different button effects so you can apply in different situations. Because time is precious, you don`t have to lose it searching for tutorials around the web. So, to help you find them easly I collected a bunch ... Read More »

30 Professional layout design tutorials in Photoshop


A professional layout design in Photoshop means that the website needs to be readable, simple, creative, with nice colors etc. Let`s see — layout design tutorials in photoshop that will drive you through designing a sucessful website process. Create a Clean Modern Website Design in Photoshop Design a Beautiful Website from Scratch Create a Clean and Effective Product Layout Create ... Read More »

Daily logo design inspiration #5


I personally love simple logos, creative that reflect exactly the companies. But I admire the mascot and complicated logos made by hand drawing. It`s very hard to do a mascot logo because first you have to draw the sketch and then vectorize with eyecatching colors. Let`s get inspired! Read More »

53 Light effects in Photoshop tutorials


As you can see on the web, different headers,banners photos etc you see very nice and sharp light effects added (more realistic than the others, but all great an very well done). It makes you wish you can make them, and now it can be done because here you have 53 light effects tutorials in Adobe Photoshop. Expressive lighting effects ... Read More »

Daily logo design inspiration #4


Here we are, in a sunny day perfect for another logo design inspiration post! Hope you like them. Enjoy! Read More »

42 Great Flower wallpapers collection


Here you have a collection with beautiful flower wallpapers for your desktop. Flowers are beautiful and very inspirational. When you open your computer and see a flower on your desktop makes you feel good, happy. Also if you are sad or depressed a very nice wallpapers will make you feel better. Hope you like them. Read More »

Daily logo design inspiration #3


Hello and welcome to a new logo design inspiration post! I`m very glad and excited that I was mentioned to Quality Logo Products post, called: “25 of the Best Logo Design Blogs, Tutorials and Posts on the Web”, and by this way I want to thank them. Now let`s get back to work and let`s watch the following logo designs ... Read More »

Daily logo design inspiration #2


Hello readers! Take a look and inspire from the next great logo designs selection. Read More »