Sunday , 19 April 2015

ASP.NET Beginners Tutorial #1


I made a tutorial specially for who wants to learn ASP.NET to develop web applications using this platform. ASP.NET it’s an evolution from ASP (Microsoft Active Server Page) using the development platform support Microsoft .NET. One of the most important feature of ASP.NET it’s the reduced time for developing an application. Another important point is the simplicity and the facility ... Read More »

Eye-catching Logo Designs Inspiration #13


I collected some very eye-catching logo designs for inspiration that impress with the simplicity or the meaning, the message. Let’s take a look and inspire ourselfs from these amazing logo designs! You might also like: Logo Designs Inspiration #12 40+ Gaming Website Designs Inspiration 25+ Beautiful Fresh New Free Fonts Download 35+ Text Effect Tutorials in Photoshop #3 35+ Stationery ... Read More »

A stunning collection of info graphics


Infographics are some of the designers’ most interesting products, but at the same time they are exceedingly difficult to master. In fact they are a graphical representation of a complicated problem or situation that requires a lot of attention from readers. So a few pages, of otherwise boring text for a hurried reader, are transformed into a graphical representation, which amazes ... Read More »

20+ Most Popular CSS Tutorials for Beginners


I took some of the most popular beginner tutorials in CSS that will help you understand how it works and how to link it with the html. Waiting for your comments. Text input with background image In this article we are going to see how to add Text input with background image. We’re now going to see how you can ... Read More »

IconDemon Review


Generally before creating a website you already have an idea of what style, color scheme and blocks it is appropriate to apply. You need exclusive icons which may help people to recognize your products at once, something to be associated with your brand. So you should choose web icons carefully. You may order custom icons from some freelance designer or studio but you never know what it looks like until you see the design complete. Another variant is choosing fitting icons from some nice collection of stock icons offered on the net. This is a cheaper and quicker way for sure. Read More »

20+ Newest Photoshop Tutorials


Hello readers! I collected the newest photoshop tutorials for you to stay updated to any news in tutorials! Don’t forget to subscribe to our news to stay updated to our design news! You might also like: 50 Texture Photoshop Tutorials 26 How to… Photography Tutorials 53+ Text effects tutorials in Photoshop 40 CSS effects tutorials 36+ Photo Manipulation Tutorials in Photoshop Another ... Read More »

About Web Graphics – PNG, GIF, JPEG


In the world , there are about 100 graphic file formats. For those who work with web pages there are supported only three : GIF , J-PEG , and PNG. I made a summary about each one of this formats. Don’t forget to subscribe to our news to stay updated to our design news! You might also like: 50 Texture Photoshop Tutorials ... Read More »

Great tips to write a good content


Writing this article was a strong fight between my own subjectivity and my wish of being impartially so I could write a quality post. I could call myself a content writer and a blogger, but at the same time I want to become a good logo designer as well. It really does not matter what I am and what I ... Read More »