Monday , 27 April 2015

How to install WAMP Server


For PHP programing we need a web server, so we use WAMP. The last available version was launched on 27 December 2010 and it has the following components: Apache 2.2.17 Php 5.3.5, Mysql 5.5.8 PhpMyadmin SQLBuddy 1.3.2 XDebug 2.1.0-5.3 webGrind 1.0 XDC 1.5 Read More »

37+ Free fonts of the week #1


There are a lot of free fonts and premium fonts around the web. If it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s not professional or doesn’t look good because there are a lot of free fonts that look as professional as the premium fonts. Near your premium fonts it’s always good to update your list with more free fonts because will help ... Read More »

January Best 56+ Photoshop Tutorials


Let’s take a look at the following best Photoshop Tutorials selected that appeared on January.  From now on I will share to you the best tutorials around the web in every month. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! Also take a minute to share this post with others using Social Bookmarks. Beautiful Fallen Angel I ... Read More »

40+ Inspiring Print Designs

Letterpress Business Cards by Fresh Impression Letterpress Studio in Panama City Beach, Florida

As I said in the previous post How to handle clients it’s very important for clients to know how the design would look like printed on business cards or any other presentations. Making them it’s not easy and requires a lot of imagination and thinking because you have to design with the same style as the logo and also to make ... Read More »

How to handle clients

how to deal

So as a designer I know that you need to be able to get a client to like what you are doing because that is the key to success. You can do that by these  methods: 1.Presentation of your product (website design, logo design, mascot, banners etc.); 2.Talking to the client and tell him why your product is the best ... Read More »

30 Vector Car Designs Inspiration


How can you not love these amazing designs that look so realistic and just makes you smile! It takes a very long time to do a very well vector car design but in the end you will see that deserves all the time in the world because at the end makes you smile and say: “I designed this…”. Let’s take ... Read More »

35+ Free Floral Vectors

free floral

Vectors can be used in any designs from posters, banners, headers to website designs. The good thing about them is that you can resize them without losing the quality.  They also have a very good quality. You can modify them in Illustrator (colors remove or add some flowers) which makes them better than brushes, shapes etc. I collected about 35 ... Read More »

Typography Logo Designs Inspiration #14


Let’s take a look at the following Typography Logo Designs and get inspired because we need our daily dose of logo designs inspiration! You might also like: ASP.NET Beginners Tutorial #1 Eye-catching Logo Designs Inspiration #13 40+ Gaming Website Designs Inspiration 25+ Beautiful Fresh New Free Fonts Download 35+ Text Effect Tutorials in Photoshop #3 35+ Stationery Designs Inspiration LolaBee’s ... Read More »