Thursday , 24 April 2014

200+ Free Mixed PSD Resources


Using free resources helps you a lot because you save time that you would’ve spend designing these items. It’s always great when something that looks great it’s also free and you can use improving your designs. So why don’t you just download some resources to see that these free things makes your life easier! I am not talking of using ... Read More »

Best 3dsMax Tutorials of January 2011


3dsMax it’s one of the hardest programs on the web which you can use creating very realistic objects, movies, rooms, all with 3D effects that respects the perspective and the reality. Few days ago I saw on youtube I think a very cool penguing moving around in a room full of ordinary objects like a table, chair, desk etc. The ... Read More »

30+ Sunny Photography


Today was a sunny winter day, too hot for this season and I loved it! I am a fan of spring and summer, of hot seasons because I don’t really like the winter coldness, hard to breathe air. I was inspired by this day because of the beauty of how the sunrises reflected in snow and then into my eyes. ... Read More »

Working with files {PHP}


This lesson will bring you to the start of using PHP. In this one you will see where we need to place the files so the WAMP server can identify them and also the mode in which we will access them via web browser. Read More »

Logo Designs Critiques #1


Let’s take a look at the following logo designs and also comment what do you like and not about them in the comment form. Waiting for your comments. As a logo designer I will help you with any problems you have in logo designing, so don’t hesitate and comment! Read More »

Best Illustrator Tutorials of January


Illustrator it’s the world of vector where you can create anything in very high quality. Enter this vectors world and create some amazing stuff ┬álike the following best illustrator tutorials of january 2011. Read More »

How to install WAMP Server


For PHP programing we need a web server, so we use WAMP. The last available version was launched on 27 December 2010 and it has the following components: Apache 2.2.17 Php 5.3.5, Mysql 5.5.8 PhpMyadmin SQLBuddy 1.3.2 XDebug 2.1.0-5.3 webGrind 1.0 XDC 1.5 Read More »

37+ Free fonts of the week #1


There are a lot of free fonts and premium fonts around the web. If it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s not professional or doesn’t look good because there are a lot of free fonts that look as professional as the premium fonts. Near your premium fonts it’s always good to update your list with more free fonts because will help ... Read More »