Saturday , 7 March 2015

How could be SEMrush an invaluable tool in the hands of a blogger


Nowadays, having a blog is a common thing and this is really amazing because it is almost impossible not to find the proper information searched by any user. From this point of view, it may seem cool, but thinking from the perspective of a blogger, this isn’t a beautiful fact. The amount of Internet users is constant so the people ... Read More »

Simplicity of Logo Designs Discuss


For today I will present you some really great ingenious logo designs that are based in reflecting very well the idea of the company through simplicity. I heard some long time ago a very good designer with high skills saying that designing simple and ingenious logos can be harder that doing the complicate 3D ones full of effects, lights and ... Read More »

50+ Amazing 3D Digital Arts


Nowadays most designers after draw something on paper they move it to their computers and start adding effects and this is how digital art it’s created.  When I started to design logos, I loved to create 3D effects, shiny and really extravagant and also high quality. I loved when I could’ve make the logo as big as I wanted to ... Read More »

Bottle Packaging Designs


Design is great because you can make the packaging as you want with unlimited options. But what it’s even better it’s when you see your design in reality, printed on a bottle of wine or any other objects. Your heart raise and you can say that this is made by me, oh what a beauty! I can’t imagine the satisfaction ... Read More »

How to: PageRank & Alexa Rank


I do believe that almost everybody know what PageRank and Alexa Rank are but I want to make sure that you really understand what it’s the deal with these two ranks, how they work, what they do and not at least how to increase the stats for your website. Everyday appear new blogs or websites in different domains with different ... Read More »

Interview with Thomas Tibitanzl


Today we will have an interview with a great designer. Let’s hear him. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! Also take a minute to share this post with others using Social Bookmarks. We know that your name is Thomas Tibitanzl, but  where are you from and what do you do for a living ? I was ... Read More »

30 Portrait Digital Art Inspiration


I am a webdesigner specialized in all design services and also a huge fan of photography. I can call myself an amateur photographer that it gets impressed by photos that have some feelings to reflect, that can change your mood in seconds. I don’t know, that’s what I feel when I look at a pretty damn impressive photo that the ... Read More »

600+ Best Free Fonts of the Week #2


If you are here it’s definitely because you are interested in updating your list with fresh new good looking fonts. Every designer from the biggest ones to the smallest (depending the popularity) uses free fonts. Some of them takes a free font and modify it to look more unique and integrate better with the design. They do it so well ... Read More »