Saturday , 18 April 2015
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About logolitic

I`m a freelancer from Romania specialized in: Logo design, Stationary/Business cards design, Icon design, Vectors and the founder of


  1. Are these logos that you created or do you use them for inspiration? Some of them are really good! Nice selection

  2. Genială selecţie, câteva sunt chiar “inspiring”. ;) Keep on the good work.

  3. @freshdesigns the logos shared with “by Logolitic” are made by me and sold to the companies showed.

    @victor mersi la fel :)

  4. human elements stands out !!
    great to see some fresh logos.

  5. Some nice professional looking logos. Nice one

  6. Great going man, the SilverSprings is hot, good work

  7. The great logo, design. Keep it up.

  8. Check out our site for some great design inspiration as well.

  9. Great set, killer productions is my fave

  10. some great designs there any chance of psd files.

  11. @freshdesigns

    The last 4 logos are created by me, the other ones are selected for inspiration

    @redd-emedia solutions

    no mate, these are just for inspiration, not for free

  12. Awsome Collection, thanks for sharing

  13. Awww what a shame, Ive already recently just redone my logo and a few of these want me to change it. Hmm….

    Thanks for sharing, great post :)


  14. very creative collection….thanks for nice posting….

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