After few articles talking about blogging like:

I thought that will be interesting to add some color, some inspiration and light to our vision. What’s more beautiful than fresh new logo designs that will impress and calm our eyes. So let’s take a look at the following logo designs and get inspired!



by mightycreation

Description: Slowmotion logo is combination of movie reel and snail and it can be used for entertainment $ media industry.


Scientists of Sound

by milou

Description: Rather finished.


by mfrank

Description: Heidco is an odd-man construction group that does everything from landscaping to building houses. Incorporated the letter H into a ladder.



by Oronoz ®

Description: Go Green Logo



by ru_ferret

Description: A sudden idea.



Smart Plantz

by kevadamson

Description: Logo design and development


by Mootto Studio

Description: Work for interactive agency. Formiko means an ant in Esperanto. So it was a simple task – all Mootto had to do was to find an ant and draw it as close to the original model as possible. This is what an average ant in Mootto world looks like.

Fucking Plug

by Martysek

Description: My idea.




by grishabel


ANZ Fisheries

by Logomotive

Description: Trying to morph ANZ into fish. Bolder version.




by yohatch

Description: Unused proposal for the contest.

Regional Medical Center

by mfrank

Description: Focused on inviting, friendly and personal. A heart can be seen to show the additional care and kindness the medical center gives their patients.


Digital Orange

by DigitalOrange

Description: This is the logo brand I created for my own Graphic Design company. The idea behind it is that I create ‘Digital’ work and the ‘Orange’ is distinctive to me as I have ginger hair. As well as the name I have created the ‘D’ as a leaf and the ‘O’ as the orange. And added the pixel effect to make the logo more Digital.


white rabbit

by storozhev anton

Description: logo for the restaurant


Kad nebutu salta_

by gijolas

Description: You can see fireplace combined

IT Solutions Logo Design – Russia

by litmusonline

Description: Techno Dream is IT solution company located at Rusia. Logo of this IT solution comapany is created and designed by litmusbranding.



Spanner House

by rinsejohn

Description: Spanner House Industrial Tools. (WIP)

Boar 4х4

by vorox

Description: Pushkin off-road clud

Blue Water Bay Seafood

by victorjackmathieux

Description: Traceable Seafood.