If you get started designing logos I`ll learn you how to make a “ready to sell” logo. What I mean with “ready to sell” ? Well I`ll put this question myself to give you the answer without asking. Let`s say that you want to participate to a contest design for a random company, like a construction company, but you don`t know in what kind of program you can design, and how can be used. I recommend you to use Adobe Illustrator because in this program all you design it`s vector and very high quality (vector logo = scaleable, you can resize / print it keeping the high quality).

Photoshop / Illustrator

I personally first time I used Adobe Photoshop, but this program it`s used more for other things like modifing images: photo manipulations, effects etc, not for vectors. When I realized this I changed my direction to Illustrator, and It was a little bit hard because it`s very different, and the change is big! But I learnt Illustrator from zero without help from tutorials. I learnt just working, working and working at logos every day, participating in logo contests, seeing a lot of designs from the best designers arround the world, I inspired from them, I tried to make what I couldn`t before etc.  Be careful, I inspired not copied.

The Difference

Photo by ~bludlivijkot

Before you start working you should know very well the difference between this 2 words: “to inspire” and “to copy”. To inspire from a design means that the design gave you some idea of a new logo, like when you see a tree, comes the idea to make something, a new idea for a company, not necessary a tree. The tree just gave you the idea to do something, different! To copy a design means that you make the same logo, the same idea, the same meaning of the logo just with some changes.

For example let`s take the adidas logo:

All of you know the adidas logo. I`ll give you an example of copy design from adidas logo. Let`s say that you want to make a logo for a construction company. You make just 2 of the adidas lines, and say that are looking like two blocks inclined. Well what did you change ? You have just deleted the third, and the smallest line of the logo. If you put a new line near the 2 lines that you made result the adidas logo and that`s not good!
Never do not copy a design from other company/designers etc because will affect you very bad in the future and affects your image and not only! Do not rely to the fact that they are not gonna discover the logo, it`s a small company unknown too well. Trust me, logos designers are very experimented and knows a LOT of logo designs arround the web!

Logo Designer

Photo by ~OrYarimi

What means to be a real logo designer/ designer ? Well every time when I see a logo/banner for example at TV I always comment in my mind that logo, what should make it better, the idea of the logo, the concept everything! That means to be a real logo designer, to have it in your blood.
After you understood the difference between these 2 concepts you are ready to start learning designing. Now on Internet you will find all kind of tutorials but few of them are for logo designs, so I will post a logo design tutorial in the near future, in Adobe Illustrator to make this easier for you.

To start designing, learning a new program you need a very strong motivation, so think to a strong motivation to keep you straight on the line, to make you design more and more and more…

In this post I wanted to show you a little of the logos design most important things, so let`s say NOT to copy! I`ll wait these words on comments! Good luck