Saturday , 28 February 2015
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About logolitic

I`m a freelancer from Romania specialized in: Logo design, Stationary/Business cards design, Icon design, Vectors and the founder of


  1. Copy / inspiration can be two tricky words!!! When i make a logo i:
    1 – search for what is done in the market just to make sure that i´m not making the same thing as the others did… i took some inspiration by there;
    2 – Brainstorming about the related words/ concepts;
    3 – Sketch something by hand;
    4 – picking the best draws concepts to digital AI.
    5 – debating the concepts and the logo with some designers / forum .

  2. Thanks dear, great concepts you shared.

  3. Thanks for the insight!

  4. Nice article about logo designs.. thanks for the heads-up! =)

    metalpig =)

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