Today’s interview will be with Luca Molnar, a digital artist that answered to our questions and revealed his creation process, software and where does she find the inspiration to create such great digital arts. Enough with talking, let’s hear what she got to say!

1. We know that your name is Luca Molnar, but what where are you from and what do you do for a living ?

I’m from Hungary and I am a freelance digital artist/illustrator.

2. How you got started in the design field ?

It was like a thousands of years ago. I started in high school, just playing with Photoshop. Later I started doing web designs, but I found it way too limiting and boring for me, so I got into illustration.

3. I will always be interested in what people use for inspiration. What do you use ?

Tons of stuff! First of all I’m always listening music when I’m at my computer, lyrics always inspire me. I also love history, walking on the fields and traveling. Strange but I always got great ideas, while driving and of course I am inspired by all of the great, talented creatives out there in the industry.

4. Which was your biggest project ? And, did you enjoyed it ?

Probably my biggest project was working with the KDU on a pitch for Sprite. Hell, I enjoyed it! The deadline was really tightÉI had like 1,5 days to complete my illustrations and one more day to submit 2 more concepts. You can imagine it was extremely busy, but lots of fun.

5. Can you talk a little about your creation process ?

I use the same process for all of my pieces. Really simple. I draw everything on paper first, then scan it and redo my drawing in Photoshop.

6. What other hobbies do you have, besides design ? (music, movies, tv shows etc.)

I love Egypt, so reading about its history and culture is definitely a big hobby of mine. I also love swimming and music is also very important for me.

7. What software do you use for creating your amazing artwork ? Also, MAC or PC ?

I use Photoshop for everything I do, I’m married to that software. Oh and definitely MAC! Just switched from PC a month ago and I’m already loving it can’t imagine my life without Apple anymore.

8. Do you have any tips for upcoming artists and designers ?

Yep, I have! Don’t rush anything, take your time to be REALLY good. Then just go out there and start promoting yourself, become a part of collectives and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from successful creatives.

9. Where can we reach you on the web ?

my website:
Twitter: @LucaMolnar


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