Download 5300+ unique web icons for your website

Generally before creating a website you already have an idea of what style, color scheme and blocks it is appropriate to apply. You need exclusive icons which may help people to recognize your  products at once, something to be associated with your brand. So you should choose web icons carefully. You may order custom icons from some freelance designer or studio but you never know what it looks like until you see the design complete. Another variant is choosing fitting icons from some nice collection of stock icons offered on the net. This is a cheaper and quicker way for sure.

One of the awesome icons providers is Web icons offered on their website are 100 per cent unique, exclusive, created by professional web designers. IconDemon offers collection of more than 5300 icons of various topics and styles. You may visit their website, evaluate the products, choose some icons to your like and purchase the membership package you prefer.

There are two membership packs presented on The limited membership was recently launched on the website. It can be called low-end membership due to its ridiculous price of just $19. According to the package conditions you are allowed to download up to 500 icons choosing any you like from the collection.

Another membership is unlimited package allowing you to download completely all icons from the collection. Unlimited number of the downloads costs $99 which is anyway lower than ordering some nice custom set from designer studio. If you are the web designer, the owner of many projects, producer of templates or websites feeling lack of time and ability to create every icon for every project individually IconDemon is a real catch for you.

Each icon uploaded to the website is unique, created by a team of experienced designers and illustrators. Due to the various topics and styles the icons collection is easy to navigate. You will find there sport icons, system icons, holiday icons, vintage icons, business icons etc. From time to time they add new icons to the IconDemon collection. So it is constantly growing promising great perspectives for the future.

Feel free to check the rest of the beautiful icons on their website.