There are a lot of free icons around the web but it’s really hard to pick the best ones and the ones that fits perfectly with your design style. So you need a mixed collection to choose from the best icons for your designs: from black mono icons to full effects icons, mini icons etc. The idea is to find the ones that you need what is really hard to do and takes time to find them. So I collected a huge collection of free icons, diversified, to help you choosing some really nice icons and add them to your resources.

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With so many icons around you it’s kind of waste of time to design your own usual icons because you already find tones of variation of the same icons. For example the calendar, notebook or download black icons. All of them looks almost the same, having the same idea behind the design so you don’t have to redesign them.

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3000 Fugue Icons


Silk Companion

Thumbnail showing all the icons in Silk Companion #1


Sticky pack


Mono Icons

165 Vector Icons

165 Icons, the originals as jpeg







Flag icon sample






rpm vector




Icon: action back Icon: action forward Icon: action go Icon: action paste Icon: action print Icon: action refresh Icon: action refresh blue Icon: action save Icon: action stop Icon: application dreamweaver Icon: application firefox Icon: application flash Icon: arrow down Icon: arrow left Icon: arrow right Icon: arrow up Icon: box Icon: calendar Icon: comment Icon: comment blue Icon: comment delete Icon: comment new Icon: comment yellowIcon: copy Icon: cut Icon: date Icon: date delete Icon: date new Icon: file acrobat Icon: file font Icon: file font truetype Icon: flag blue Icon: flag green Icon: flag orange Icon: flag red Icon: flag white Icon: folder Icon: folder delete Icon: folder images Icon: folder lock Icon: folder new Icon: folder page Icon: icon accept Icon: icon airmail Icon: icon alert Icon: icon attachmentIcon: icon clock Icon: icon component Icon: icon download Icon: icon email Icon: icon extension Icon: icon favourites Icon: icon get world Icon: icon history Icon: icon home Icon: icon info Icon: icon key Icon: icon link Icon: icon mail Icon: icon monitor mac Icon: icon monitor pc Icon: icon network Icon: icon package Icon: icon package get Icon: icon package open Icon: icon padlock Icon: icon security Icon: icon settings Icon: icon userIcon: icon wand Icon: icon world Icon: icon world dynamic Icon: image Icon: image new Icon: interface browser Icon: interface dialog Icon: interface installer Icon: list comments Icon: list components Icon: list errors Icon: list extensions Icon: list images Icon: list keys Icon: list links Icon: list packages Icon: list security Icon: list settings Icon: list users Icon: list world Icon: note Icon: note delete Icon: note newIcon: page Icon: page alert Icon: page attachment Icon: page bookmark Icon: page boy Icon: page code Icon: page colors Icon: page component Icon: page cross Icon: page delete Icon: page deny Icon: page down Icon: page dynamic Icon: page edit Icon: page extension Icon: page favourites Icon: page find Icon: page flash Icon: page girl Icon: page html Icon: page java Icon: page key Icon: page leftIcon: page link Icon: page lock Icon: page new Icon: page next Icon: page package Icon: page php Icon: page prev Icon: page refresh Icon: page right Icon: page script Icon: page security Icon: page settings Icon: page sound Icon: page tag blue Icon: page tag red Icon: page text Icon: page text delete Icon: page tick Icon: page tree Icon: page up Icon: page url Icon: page user Icon: page user darkIcon: page user light Icon: page video Icon: page wizard Icon: table Icon: tables Icon: table delete




Hand Drawn Vector Icons






I Love Social Media




Knob Buttons Toolbar icons


Free Vector Icon Set for Valentine’s Day



WebInjection FREE iconpack


Gentleface Toolbar Icons

Free Creative Social Networking Broken Icons Pack

broken icons Free Creative Social Networking Broken Icons Pack


Social Media Bubblicons: Icon Pack



Mobile Me Icons



Web social icons


Developpers Icons


Lovely website icons pack


Free Icons Pack