So as a designer I know that you need to be able to get a client to like what you are doing because that is the key to success. You can do that by these  methods:

1.Presentation of your product (website design, logo design, mascot, banners etc.);

2.Talking to the client and tell him why your product is the best choice that he can make;

3.Offer the client some advantages like telling him that what you design will be featured on different websites;

4.Making the client confident in your design, convince him, make him believe that your work is original.

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So let’s bring more details to the list shall we ?

1. Presentation of your product:

This is one of the most important keys in design process because this is the way to impress your client. A good presentation of a good product of course, is like showing to the client that what you have done it’s worth the money that he is paying. Also it makes him confident of the product because you show him stationary also and other marketing products that he may use your design on.

This step it’s very important because the client should know how  the design it’s going to look  before he buys it, to make him sure that he made the right choice choosing  you. You have to do presentation designs with the same style as the logo and to be careful to details because one little line could change the presentation radically and truly impress the client.

Let’s take a look at some stationery designs to get you inspired and also to show you some examples of how clean and professional should be:

Dolce Vita Stationery Set

Le Cupcake Stationery design

Andalus Stationery

Darchin Stationery

Walkman Stationery Design

2.Talking to the client:

Photo from RobDavHaz

Well this job is not as easy as it seems. Lots of designers does not know how to talk to clients for different reasons like not speaking english that well, not understand what client needs or asks for, not being able to create a bond between him and the client and other minor stuff. The talking is critical in a relation between a designer and his client. The designer must understand very well what client wants/needs before they start the job because if you are not capable of doing what the client is asking for then you shouldn’t take the job. In this business you need reputation and getting it it’s hard but having a few trustful clients can make your job really affordable as a freelancer especially.

You always have to be modest and fair.  Telling the client that you will bring the moon to him, that you will make the best designs for him, sometimes can bring you down. Your designs can be the best ones but if the client doesn’t understand them or doesn’t like them he will be dissapointed and will drop the job.

It’s very important to follow some steps, to always be careful when you talk, what you talk and the most important to be very careful to the client’s details, with what he wants.

3.Offer the client some advantages

Photo from Google

This is not always essential because many of the clients prefer privacy and they want to stay “hidden” until the launch especially when what are they doing is somehow original and never done before. But some of them like to know that their logo/website/mascot etc. is being featured on different websites around the Internet but before promising something like this you must be sure you can deliver a product that is good enough to be featured on these kind of websites. Don’t you ever promise a client something that may not be accomplished because this will affect a lot the trust of the clients in you and you will lose more than you win; maybe you feel like winning on short term but you will lose a lot in long term just because the clients can’t trust what are you saying.

4.Making the client confident in your design

Banish fear of public speaking

Photo from Google

Before you start working on a project for a client get interested in his competition; this is really important because a designer must understand the clients needs and expectation so looking at his competition can determine that. Most of the clients take as reference the competition logo/website in terms of style and maybe colors as well but you don’t need to copy the competition, you need to do something better and convince the client that is a lot better than the competition giving him the right reasons.