What details we need from the client about his company

When you have a logo project you have to get as more as possible details about the client company. You have to ask him to give you all details about his company, like:

  • What`s the name of the company
  • When did he start the business
  • What is business about
  • The company industry
  • Styles that client is interested in
  • Color preferences


Now let`s take on each of these informations and find out why this would help us

  • What`s the name of the company

I`m pretty sure that you know the answer of this information, this is crucial in logo design, because you can`t design a logo for a company and don`t know the name. A company needs a name and a logo or just a typeface logo containing the company name.

An example of a logo + company name is Reebok logo. If the company is popular, the logo can stand alone and people recognize the mark and know what company represents the respective logo.

An example of typeface logo, that the name of the company designed in one way represents the company it`s Fac

ebook logo. As you can is there is now other mark around the name.


  • When did he start the business


This is important because if the business is old, and you have to do a new logo to represent the company, you can ask the client for an image with the old logo of the company. Also the client it`s possible to want a new fresh logo, completely different from the old one or just an “upgrade” of the curent logo of company, a new design based on the same concept but designed for these times.

  • What is business about


This informations it`s crucial because if you don`t know what business is about you don`t know how to design the logo, what style, what to reflect the logo etc. It`s like: a client wants a logo for a company called “Company” and don`t say what is this company about. So you design a logo, let`s say something abstract, neutral, and then when you find out what the company is about you will find out that the logo have nothing to do with the company, it`s more like you design skyscrappers logo for a restaurant company.

  • The company industry


This information helps you make an idea, a vision of the next logo for the company. Some examples of industries are:
It`s something similar to “What is business about”

  • Styles that client is interested in


This helps a lot, some clients love the 3D styles, 3D objects, complicated with a lot of effects like shadows, light effects etc, and other clients love the simplicity, simple=better style, to reflect exactly the company business etc.

This helps you save a lot of time and work. If you make a mock-up, a 3D logo, complicated, where you work hardly, with a lot of effects and the client don`t like it because it`s too complicated and you find out that the client wants something simple, you don`t feel too well, and you are a little bit dissapointed (and you shouldn`t be dissapointed because you won a lot of experience in that logo and also you have a new logo to your portfolio which you can sell later to another client that loves the 3D style).

  • Color preferences


This is not important as the latest ones. Don`t understand me wrong, the colors are crucial in logos, but what I`m trying to say is that if you make the perfect logo for the client and the colors are not quite good, he will tell you that and you will change them.

More important it`s to make the logo that client wants and then add the other details, the final details.

This was just the first phase in designing a success logo for a company. This was more like the Information steps that designers should take, assure, to help and to inspire themselves for creating the perfect logo for the company.

Coming soon the next phase of “How to design a successful logo”.

Waiting for your comments, for your news and other informations that helps designers create and to help them inspire.
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