The first part of “How to design a successful logo” was the information part that every designer should ask for because these informations are very important and also as much informations as you get you will become more inspired and the logo will represent very well the company.

The next step is the sketch of the logo.

Sketching the logo

After we got all the information we needed, we have to design the logo. First you have to do some sketches on a paper and then using Scanner you transfer them to the computer. This is an option, you can also make sketches in program, not with the pen, just design some mock-ups and then develop one of them, combine some of them etc. But, better is to make some sketches on a paper and then transfer to the computer. After you have made some logo sketches, you choose the best one using some criterions:

    • Which one represents better the company

By this criteria I mean that which logo stand out better the company production and the company business.

    • The client style/preferences

By this one, I mean which logo is closer to the client requirements, to the client style and preferences regarding the logo.

    • The company industry

Which logo stand out the industry of the company.

  • etc

Actually these criterions are taken from the informations received from the client. As more information as you get, helps you choose the best logo from your sketches and also helps you design sketches.

Designing the logo

After the sketch is done, you transfer it to the program (recommended Illustrator the best or Photoshop), and start retouching the sketch, to make a nice contour and add details. After you transfered the photo to the program, select the Pen Tool or another tool to make the contour / stroke of every object / detail of the sketch. For example if you have a monitor drawn, you make different objects/layers with every part: the main monitor, the glass, the buttons and other details.

If you do so, It will be much easier for you to modify and add effects to the logo.

Coloring the logo

The colors you choose for the logo are very important because some clients (not all of them) don`t know to tell you how to improve a logo. If they like some ideas from the logo but not the logo itself they wouldn`t know what to say, just that they don`t like it. This happens with the color too. If you don`t choose the best color that fits with the logo style + company industry+company business the logo won`t look too nice and the client could tell you just that he don`t like it! And if you modify just the color of the logo and put a color that fits with all criterions wrotten above the look of the logo will change a lot in many cases, and the client will say wow at the same logo that he would say “no, I don`t like it” if the colors weren`t chosen right.
For example you can`t color a logo for a construction company with pink, because the client will say NO from the start! Because it don`t fit!

Choosing the best font

Choosing the font it`s important like the color choosing. You have to think and make the connection between the company business/industry + logo style and shape + colors chosen. Choosing a nice font that fits with the logo and the company industry, the main logo ( shape+font) will look very nice !

So that`s it! Congratulations, you designed a successful logo!

Waiting for your comments and addition informations

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