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37+ Free fonts of the week #1

37+ Free fonts of the week #1

There are a lot of free fonts and premium fonts around the web. If it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s not professional or doesn’t look good because there are a lot of free fonts that look as professional as the premium fonts. Near your premium fonts it’s always good to update your list with more free fonts because will help you in your designs. To help you find the best free fonts I will post every week the best free fonts to download and use in your designs.

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Modo Font

advent font

Comfortaa – font


GoodPeace Free Font

Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF


BlackCasper Font

BS Konstata, free stencil font

Betlog Square Standard TTF

MOO font in Parts

CIN – Free font

Cappuccino Serif Font 0.563

karmoofel.ttf download

tramyad.ttf download

Font: SMUDGERS – demo

Scratch Font

Star Avenue Free Font

Malgecito Font by

The Quickest Shift – FREE FONT

skirules-sans2.ttf download

staccato.ttf download


Montepetrum – Font


Earth Kid Font

Digital Ninja font type

Easy Going the Font


James Han Font

Ugloosy.ttf download

blabloosy.ttf download

Hawaii Lover

Dirty Joe – FONT

Irvine High

Tina’s Baby Shower Free Font

Dead Hardy – Ed Hardy Font

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  1. Thanks, lots of great fonts.

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