Sunday , 19 April 2015
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About logolitic

I`m a freelancer from Romania specialized in: Logo design, Stationary/Business cards design, Icon design, Vectors and the founder of


  1. I love the Max Velels Lab :).

    I also prefer Reel Farm by Michael Spitz. Take a look

  2. Great selection of Logos!

  3. good collection – unless I have to think about changing my company logo

  4. what a brilliant collection! thnx!

  5. the byg logo is fantastic, one of, my fav so far. also a few logos dont seem to load (imagenotfound)

  6. I love the photo-tent logo

  7. I think some of these logos have gone too far. They are way to complex. There is no way people will remember them. Which in my opinion is the whole reason for a logo.

  8. Excellent!! Congratulation for Designers Extremer
    Very Good Friends, aporte nice

  9. this is a nice collection of logos

  10. i like the phototent! What a nice one haha.

  11. Great collection. I should change mine too :)

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