Saturday , 25 April 2015
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About logolitic

I`m a freelancer from Romania specialized in: Logo design, Stationary/Business cards design, Icon design, Vectors and the founder of


  1. Hi,

    these logo design collections are excellent.

  2. glad that you like them.

  3. Great Post! Logos are very eye catching. Great Collection!

  4. Your logo designs look great! Designing a good logo can take up some time during your day. However, your clients can sometimes be very picky when it comes to branding their business. What i like to do is, design 10 sample logos and then have them pick the best one. Next, I then make 10 samples of the logo they picked and try to narrow down on three designs. Lastly, I then take those three designs to the client and have them choose the best one. This works most of the time.

    Stephen Jacques

  5. Wow those logos are an inspiration!
    What do you think of my logo, im looking to start designing them as a service as well but those logos are cool!

    Tim Achumba

  6. @creativeglofish glad that you like them! Regarding your logo I think it`s a little bit too shiny. If you need a professional and unique logo design for your company,you can hire me. Check out my logos portfolio:

  7. Hi, These are fantastic looking logos, really very good, also very good variety in your designs. excellent!!

    im a web designer and could maybe use your talents.
    website design by creatative soul design

  8. Great Logos! I would love to see more posts like this on your blog

  9. I love these logos, very nice work! :)

  10. I like the airplane logo the best. But don’t get me wrong, all of them are decent. Very professional and catchy, the colors match and they all seem to match the theme of what they are being designed for which is important with logos. It’s the corporate identity that needs to be well branded, and the logo is the most important graphic to be branded.

  11. I really love all the logos unique and eye catching.. excellent job! :)

  12. Thanks for the sharing mate, inspirational!

  13. love the logos! Especially apple & eva.
    Everything is so diffirent and so creative. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!
    Luf it!

  14. I like the coffeepoint logo.

  15. Nacho Macho! Absolute quality, are these used in the real world or just concepts?

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