Hello readers. From now on, every day I`ll post “Daily logo design inspiration”, to inspire from incredible logo designs made by professional designers and not only.

I want to “promote” those designers that are not too known, that are not so popular but they are designing some incredible logos. I don`t share logos made by one category of people.

If you have a new project, it`s very healthy to inspire from other designs, to give you ideas and not only! When you see interesting and incredible designs (don`t matter the domain) comes to you an incredible and powerful enthusiasm. When you watch designs that makes you say WOW, your heart starts to beat a little bit more quickly and makes you want to do something incredible too! Am I right ?
I guess I used the “incredible” word too much, but what can I say when I see the next logo designs:

Hope you like them. Enjoy! Waiting for your comments and sugestions what other daily inspiration design would you love to see.



Bath Buddies



The Pink Flamingo


Carlo Hofmann


Fun Fair World