Sunday , 1 March 2015
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7 Fresh New Twitter Tools


With the introduction of new kids Google+ and Subjot to the Social Mediascape, critics were sure Twitter would take a huge hit and, at worst, be overshadowed completely. The reality is that Twitter is loved, prolific in its support and integration and not going anywhere anytime soon. Fresh, new tools continue to find new and creative ways to help us ... Read More »

Twitter Must Have Followed Design Community Bloggers #6


Here are the next twitter must have followed design bloggers! Following them you will receive useful information in design community. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to our design news! Also take a minute to share this post with others using Social Bookmarks. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter to appear in the next number of  Twitter Follow Recommendations! ... Read More »

Twitter Must Have Followed Designers Community #6


Every week I will post designers that communicate useful informations for design community through twitter. You should follow them to receive informations about webdesign, to stay updated to what happens everyday in design world. Don’t forget, it’s really important for you to follow me on twitter and also RT so I can see you on Twitter updates.Only people that will ... Read More »

Twitter Must Have Followed Design Community Bloggers #5


I will present you some of the must have followed users from  twitter that will provide useful informations for you and also news from their great blogs. They are in design community that will provide design resources, tutorials, articles etc. It’s always good to follow these bloggers because you will learn a lot from them and also you will develop ... Read More »