Nowadays having/maintaining a blog is a common activity and the number of people who enjoy blogging is in a perpetual increase. The blogosphere is full of brilliant, innovative and educative blogs/posts but at the same time there are a lot of stupidities or wrong ideas wandering around. Apparently, it seems every subject was covered but everyday there are new viral posts created, which make the blogs, which contain them well – known to everyone. An inexperienced eye will consider that to post your opinions or feelings is a pretty funny task but isn’t 100% true; it depends a lot on what kind of blogs we are referring to.
Having a blog with inconsistent articles, created only to enjoy this activity is truly simple but the administration of a “professional” one requires tons of sleepless nights. The idea behind this post is to establish a common conclusion with the readers about who the people, capable of turning into a good blogger, are. Here, is presented only my opinion but the value of the post may be increased substantially if any visitors will be willing put in the comment form all their thoughts regarding this issue.
To begin with, I warmly recommend to all people who believe that they have something to say to create a blog; nobody can win something without any endeavor. As long as the owner of a blog doesn’t use spammy methods of promoting or employs adult content I don’t see any disadvantages to the online medium. Undoubtly, the quality of the posts would be more than decent but nobody was born blogger and exercise is the best teacher. At all events, there are some moral aspects which are important in the career of a future blogger. Once again, feel free to share with us your opinions!

1. If you are a blogger, then you should have something to say

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Blogging supposes the sharing of something knowledge or feelings related. A blog is the core of a community, but people come around only if they find something valuable and interesting else the Internet is full of other possibilities free to select. Any blogger must be aware that their users have almost unlimited solutions all situated at a click distance.
My idea is that anyone who posts an article online is responsible for his message, but at the same time he must have something to say, for example a blog administered by a man and the topic of it is about how to take care of the newborn babies. I am not sexist or extremist but clearly an experienced mother has more to say. The blogging should be the appendage of the experienced people so their posts would be more than welcomed for the amateurs and semi-pros in the respective field.

2. A good blogger may be suffering a lot of sacrifices

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Performance requires sacrifices and it is also applied to the blogging activity. As I said previously, a blog is easy to add online, to create a successful one is a more complicated task. Google, and other search engines have algorithms which take into account the age of the website in accordance with the quality value of it. It is only a single example to reveal you that a blog isn’t an easy job or that the success is coming with a little effort and much more, the good results come after a period of time, too long for many of us.
Lots of people consider that having a blog with two posts is enough to start the monetization of it and the money resulting from it are enough to buy a new sport car. Wrong! Wrong and again wrong! A blog can be a source of income but till obtaining money from it may be a long way; only a very good traffic may assure an adequately financial reward.

3. Patience and discipline- the fundamental ingredients

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For the ones who see the blog as a collection of posts and nothing more, then I warn them that it is a complete disaster to adopt this idea. The administration/maintenance of a blog implies a full Inbox, the more replies to emails, the better, a lot of editing, many advertising proposals and a lot of unexpected events that leave the bloggers without any free time. Unfortunately, the first signs of success are coming in an exponential rhythm thus the beginning is annoying and this is the main reason of the fact that a lot of new blogs are abandoned few months after their launch.
The guns against these are the patience and the discipline, nothing more, nothing less.

4. Innovation and quality work- the supreme features of a good blogger

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The competition between blogs is very harsh in all domains but it shouldn’t discourage a blogger to start his website. To avoid being catalogued by the readers as the same as others blog, your work must be unique, while providing only useful and interesting tips (amazing simple to say!!!). Before starting to write a post writers should ask themselves if the new creation brings something worthy to the readers and only if the answer is satisfactory he might write and publish the article. The logic of this idea is elementary: would any user be willing to see the same idea everywhere and will he come to visit the blog everyday in search for the same boring and dullish posts? Would he try to promote it on social networks? Honestly, I don’t think so…
But what if the post or even the entire blog has some new cool ideas and the quality of the information is superior to other similar online presences? I believe the owner doesn’t need to insert a retweet button; the readers will do it because the quality never dies.

5. Optimism and pragmatism-how to assure the perfect strike

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It may sound evil-minded but a good blogger must be pragmatic, to select quickly what is beneficial/harmful for his readers; it will come after many good posts a lot of guest authors with proposals but they might not reach your minimal standards so it is recommended to establish a clear selection depending on the value of the posts. The perfect situation is to encourage the initiative and the amateurs but never support low quality or duplicate content.
Regarding the optimism…it shouldn’t be applied only to blogging activities, it must be some of the most important feature of each human being, isn’t it?